Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Republicans can't get appointed?

Dear Editor of MI:

It seems that the Mayor is conducting business as usual by not appointing or re-appointing Republicans to their appropriate committees when their tenure is up.  The Middletown charter allows  an equal amount (if possible) appointments (non-elected positions) from each party to the various town committees such as Inland Wetlands, Harbor Review, and the Zoning Board of Appeals.
 The mayor does have the purview to replace  member with another member of his/her own party when the original member's tenure is up, a practice that has happened under many past members. Instead this mayor will ignore the re-appointments and cause committees to exist in limbo, this can cause issues within the city due to the fact that the committees cannot meet with a proper quorum. For example, it took Mayor Drew nearly 3 months to re-appoint Anabel Redzensky, Evelyn Russo and Judy Peaota to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Due to the mayor's stalling about the issue, meetings had to be rescheduled, while many appeals were not heard.
 Why did the mayor wait so long to re-appoint this people?  The three above mentioned  individuals have been an amazing asset to the city for many years and have always worked diligently and followed the zoning board guidelines to the letter of the law.  Perhaps the mayor was upset over their recent decision to overturn the Zoning Enforcement Officer's decision to shut down a local pellet vendor business on Atkins Street.

Perhaps, the mayor had others in mind to replace the trio, but due to pressure from outside forces at the last minute he decided to reinstate Redzensky, Russo, and Peaota.

Sincerely, William Wallace

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