Friday, January 16, 2015


My friend "Brenda" works for #BerkshireHathawayHomesServices.  She works in an administrative support role in the office.  Recently, "Brenda" celebrated her work anniversary, and subsequently received her annual review.

Her manager, "Barbara", raved over just how much "Brenda" had grown in the position over the past years; how important her work was and how she had mastered the job.  "Barbara" went on to remark about how the real estate agents praised her work and her positive attitude; and commented on how much they depended on her support.   They couldn't do what they do, without "Brenda" there to support them.

"Brenda" is a mature adult, over 55 yrs old, with decades of experience in the work force.  Her experience includes some fifteen years in a real estate and commercial construction support roles.  She does not require excessive supervision.  She knows her job.  She takes initiative, anticipates contingencies and plans accordingly.

Along with this glowing annual review came a pay raise!  One percent; one . . . percent.  Manager "Barbara"  was embarrassed when she made that disclosure to "Brenda".  She apologized for the meager increase, saying her hands were tied.  The decision came from "corporate", and applied to all hourly and salaried employees.

"Brenda's" one percent pay raise amounts to fourteen cents per hour, or $5.60 per week.

"Brenda", being a gracious and magnanimous person, accepted her raise and "Barbara's" embarrassed apology.

Me, not being so gracious, would have declined the raise.  I would have told "Barbara" that; if things were so tough for #WarrenBuffett and #BerkshireHathaway, that all they could afford was a one percent pay raise, (an amount that does not even come close to matching inflation), they obviously need the money more than I do and they could keep it.

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