Sunday, November 23, 2014

Suzio concedes race, final margin 214 votes

Republican Len Suzio, running for the 13th District state rep seat  which includes parts of Cheshire, Middletown, Middlefield, & Meriden conceded to Democrat incumbent Sen. Dante Bartolomeoon Friday Nov. 21, 2014. According to an article in the New Haven Register, Suzio will decline asking for a judge to re count votes.
Suzio lost the election to Bartolomeo by   614 votes, however, the town of Cheshire amended its official count several times and the final margin was 214 votes. WTF At the Insider, we scratch our heads at home a margin could be so misreported to begin with?!
Suzio in Middletown
Suzio told the Registrar :“During the 2000 presidential election, Democrats rallied under the mantra ‘every vote counts’ and an intensive audit process was conducted to confirm the vote count,” Suzio said in a statement released Friday.”I do not intend to put the voters through such a prolonged experience that could potentially leave the results in doubt for a considerable amount of time.”"
Suzio encourages reforms to Connecticut's election process. Suzio will remain at his post as the State's Victims Advocate. Suzio has been an advocate of repealing the state's absorbitant gas tax, for the ending of early release of violent criminals, as well as education and fiscal accountability. If he had been elected, he vowed to not support any tax increases.We wish Len Suzio the best and hope he stays involved in local politics; a true asset to Middletown and Connecticut.

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  1. Len should have contested it. The stakes are too high to have just thrown in the towel, especially with all the allegations of voter fraud.


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