Thursday, November 06, 2014

Fears are rising among Connecticut Democrat Incumbents

Congratulations to Theresa Tillett, senate candidate in the 2nd District. Although she lost the election, she is, quote; "the "Happiest Loser" in the CT GOP" and "doing the Happy Dance!"

In a district with only 3,198 registered Republicans, 4,479 voters cast their ballots in her favor. Like Middletown's own Angel Fernandez, she, too, ran a poor man's campaign, against a 30 year incumbent, with only a $1,000 budget.  Her opponent, Eric Coleman, had a $96,000 war chest.

Tillett, who has never before run for office, says she "would have much preferred winning", but is "thrilled by my (her) results". She also said, "my run for office has opened the Democrat's eyes; there ARE Black Republicans who they will have to deal with in the up coming elections."

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