Wednesday, October 29, 2014

North End voter shows special support for Angel Fernandez

A special sign made by a supporter for  Candidate Angel Fernandez (R) 100th District
Candidate and retired Navy Veteran Angel Fernandez met a special friend at NEAT's meet the candidate forum held last week at the Green Street Arts Center. The supporter made Fernandez a special sign then posted on Fernandez's page. Fernandez says he learned about many different cultures during his tours in Iraq, and gained an unique understanding of the universal human struggle he hopes to bring to office if elected.

Below is what the North End group Muslim Mothers Against Abuse posted about Fernandez: 

Umm Junaid MuslimMothers AgainstAbuse Praise Allah, last week I had the good fortune of meeting this gentlemen. I want to tell you all that I was taken a back by how much he knew about Islam. Up until that night, I had been thinking about Mr. Doyl & Mathew Lesser, while I respect what Mr. Lesser has done and is trying to do. Sometimes change is good and Allah knows best. Since meeting this gentlemen, hearing where he came from, where he is coming from, what he intends to do and how much he respects Muslims. I am in his corner, I have never ever voted in my entire life. I am 40 years old. I will be voting for him, supporting him and helping him with his future campaigns Insha Allah. No one is without faults but what I have seen of this gentlemen in one night is enough for me to make an educated decision. He was brutally honest with me about he once felt about Muslims. I give it to him for doing such, if we had more people like this in the world, more LEADERS like this in the world, it would be a much better place. Thanks for sharing this James McGovern Allah is Great, change is gonna come people, trust me ... it takes time.

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