Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Dan Drew Doing A Great Job

Letter to the Middletown Insider
Don't send me any more of this bullshit e mails.Dan is doing a great job and stop the name calling grow up 


  1. I disagree. Taxes have gone up, we have more lawsuits, jobs are still by patronage, and regular citizens with no connections are looked down upon and we are lied to ( remember the blizzard whenvwe were told all streets were passable despite media pictures to the contrary?). IMHO he's doing a lousy job and represents why the public dislikes politicians of any party.

  2. Totally agree with the above post by anonymous.

  3. I'm still waiting for the China report and the blizzard of the 2013 report.

  4. For some reason, other than Paul Venti is a Democrat, and big within the trade unions, what has Mayor Drew done for Middletown since he has been elected?
    Have you seen industry knocking down Middletown's door to come here? Have you seen any type of large scale construction going on in this town, that trade labor organizations could point at, and qualify their unending support? He has done nothing but raise taxes and give the public less services for it.
    Please stop trying to BS the rest of us that Drew is the real deal! He's hardly worked a day in his life, and probably doesn't know what physical labor is?
    Dan is hoping that people like Mr. Venti will make him a career politician!

  5. Comments like this is why the Rep will never get elected. Our town is in great shape . Keep up the good work. Go Middletown...


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