Friday, June 20, 2014

Middletown is 'Mentaltown' in June

 Such a story isn't an appealing way to make national news, but none the less, one town's weirdness is another's well whatever...

Today Middletown made headlines on the  popular offbeat news website which syndicates  weird news headlines from around the country. isn't a webblog. According to its "about page",, the Web site, is a "news aggregator"and an edited social networking news site. Fark states it  receives 2,000 news submissions from its readers, from which the editors' choose the funny and weird notable news -- and not-news -- of the day.
Fark writers then preface the headline with a satirical antidote, in this case: "Men Steal more than 7,000 pennies to buy heroin, making more cents than brains"

The Insider highlighted the last time Middletown made Fark - back in June of 2013 when someone left a mystery device  outside of a synagogue. S.W.A.T. later discovered it was a sewing machine.  Before that, our fair kingdom made Fark news when a nude man was seen cavorting outside of the new Price Chopper (and anyone who knows anyone who was there that day also know he took a..)..ironically also in the month of JUNE! What the heck is it about June that makes townsfolk go a little mental round here?

A MIA mayor, state institution escapees, kinfolk penny jar lootin'... seems like the month of June is heating up!

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