Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rumblings: Middletown March Madness Predictions!

Hey March Madness is on us and there have already been upsets in the Men’s brackets.  I predict that we’ll also see upsets at City Hall.

Bill Warner is retiring and going to work for Farmington.  That’s a plum position open and raises a lot of questions on how it’s going to be filled.  Extensive nationwide advertising; promote from within; got to live in town and attend St. Seb.  What about Rick Kearney’s position as the economic development person?  Wait it’s been said that our Treasurer has left his position at the Chamber.  As an elected official, Treasurer, would he have to give up that position if he were to take Rick’s old job?

We still have an acting director of Recreation, is Joe getting ready to slide over there?  Maybe Q would be better off as the Mayor’s right hand man?  Maybe then he could still be Treasurer?

We’re getting another Deputy Counsel; good thing cause there’s been another suit filed against the City and P&Z.  Does anyone know about any advertising or posting for that position?  Oh yeah there is also the position of Claims Adjuster open in that office, does anyone know the status of that?

How are things out at City Yard?

How about Fire Chief?  Posting, advertising, got to live in town??? Anybody?

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