Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jim O'Rourke claims: 'He (Rowland skated on that one)' Read more Below

   Once again the writers and staff at The Middletown Insider are not attempting to infringe Mr. O'Rourke of his civil liberties and freedom of speech about commenting about former Governor John Rowland and his trials and tribulations, but to say, "he skated on that one," is purely hypocritical and insane. 

The staff also find it interesting that the people below do not question Mr. O'Rourke's ability to skate away from a situation that left a young woman dead on January 21, 2009.  (see below)  These people are pointing fingers at Rowland about certain allegations, but what about the questions towards Jimbo?  The civil lawsuit that dealt with O'Rourke's role in Carol Sinisgalli's death was settled in 2012  and the financial terms are undisclosed, but there are plenty of questions left in the manner.  Don't you think it would be best if Jim just keep enjoying his life at RedSox and UConn games and not post, wouldn't that make the family feel better? A woman that was last scene with Jim O'Rourke was found dead, and what does the man do now?  Easy answer: party and judge others on Facebook about their reputed crimes.  Remember, John Rowland spent a year behind bars and nobody is underground; can you say the same former Representative Jim O'Rourke?  The same could be said if State Rep. Matthew Lesser took shots at drunk drivers on Facebook?

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