Saturday, March 22, 2014

Can anybody translate this?? We have no idea what it means!

how about Matt Lessor causing an auto accident with the FIRED EX Westlake Fire Chief ???????? Rumor has it the FIRED Fire Cheif's brother (Jerry's Pizza) came up screaming the State Rep was drunk and wanted him arrested (on Moday night). Then the owner of Jerry's Pizza went to the Middleton Police IA Division for a sitting with the Captain to make a complaint about the investigation that he interfered with and was told to leave before he was arrest for Criminal Obstruction. Neither driver failed a sobriety field test. As I wonder on, what does it say about the Mayor and Democrats when the guy that owns Jerry's Pizza is calling for blood from the very same people who have held all their fundraisers at his gin mill. Even some notable members of the public's Birthday party's. Maria Holdszber had Chief Aylward and acting Fire Chief Terri Orouke bring her down, Dominique Thorton had Jim Milardo to thanx for losing the election. Sebby Guiliano had Deb & "Johnny boy" Milardo and Chief on Questions for the Executive Branch as well as Rants!

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