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Guest blog: Conservative Round up by Palin Smith

Guestblog by Connecticut resident videographer & activist Palin Smith. The Middletown Insider publishes guestblogs as a courtesy to readers, opinions expressed may not be that of the Insider staff.

CARPE DIEM I first attended my Republican Town Committee to get a chance to meet candidates running for Congress in the 5th district. I was a neophyte. I soon discovered that potential candidates are vetted by the committees. The committees select delegates to send to the conventions every even year. I also found out that the delegate selection process is very serious business. The same people seem to get chosen every two years. After all, we want to pick winners, not losers. Or do we?

Every even year in January the Republican Town committees vote to choose their membership. Usually there is not much turnover. Not unless people are motivated to make changes.

So if you are dissatisfied with your RTC and the candidate choices it makes every two years, you have an opportunity to rectify that process. The vote for a new RTC is open to all Republican Electors (registered voters) in each town. So, in a nutshell, this is how it works.

Gather enough like-minded Republicans together to outnumber the status quo at the January meeting. After the committee submits their choices, the nominating process will be opened to the floor. At that time you submit the names of each of your choices. For example someone says, “I nominate John Doe.” Another of your group seconds the nomination. Suppose the committee has 20 regular members. Despite the number of candidates nominated and seconded, only the top 20 vote getters will become the new committee. Officers are chosen from among the newly elected committee sometime in March.

To find out where and when your town committee meets each month look here and make a call. http://www.ctgop.org/local/ You could also find most town's Republican town committees online.

So if you could motivate 50-100 gun enthusiasts, CCDL members or hunters to act in their own interests, contact them, making sure that they are registered Republicans, and get them to your Republican Town Committee meeting in December to familiarize themselves. And then have each one of them bring a couple friends or family to the January caucus. Nobody explains better than Bob MacGuffie. Four years ago he told us precisely what we can do. http://youtu.be/DwBKtZdDUXQ

The delegate selection works the same way for federal AND state candidates.

Last Friday four patriots stood in the cold overlooking I-95 in New Haven for nearly two hours.
That was the fifth time we had assembled on the Howard Avenue bridge. We got our usual honks and beeps by the hundreds, But something extra, something special occurred. We recorded an actual liberal on wheels. Listen to his first question to patriot Ron. These are the people we must defeat. They have bathed themselves in the propaganda and set themselves on pedestals. http://youtu.be/pPSyHdBB3xM
BROOKE CHENEY Our good friend from Harwinton is asking for help next Monday night.
Perhaps you might be able to help her:

When: Monday December 9th 7PM is when the 1st of 3 public hearings start.  We are #3 on the agenda.
Where: Town Hall 100 Bentley Drive Harwinton CT

A Great Start Shooting School will be one of 3 public hearings this night and we will be the last to be heard. I am looking for anyone who would like to show up to support me. This is to request that the Town of Harwinton grant me a special permit to conduct firearms safety training at my place of residence. This will be a business meeting so I am requesting that folks wear business casual. No open carry please. If there is anyone who is willing to say something about why they think education is key to safety, or why women run small businesses are important, in general why ranges are safe, how education is how to stop accidents from occurring, things along these lines, please let me know. It is not a good time to bring up 2A, we want to focus on small business owners and safety. As we all know the anti gun folks will be there saying how dangerous this is, so the more folks that stand up and talk about safety the better.
I am going to see if I can put the application online for every one to see.

Also if you think of anyone please forward this invite to them.
If you don't know Brooke, here she is leading off the Guns Across America Rally on January 19.



For our friends in and around Woodbury, a cheerful time for all.
Senator Christopher Murphy On December 5, 2013, I want to invite you to join me in participating in an interactive town hall meeting that seeks to engage everyone in the budget process. My office, along with the Concord Coalition, a non-partisan, grassroots organization advocating responsible fiscal policy, is hosting an event that will allow groups of individuals from varying backgrounds to sit down and work out a budget for the United States of America and present their budget to me. This exciting event will be held from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the University of Hartford. University of Hartford Gengras Student Union Cafeteria 200 Bloomfield Ave West Hartford, CT 06117 I want Connecticut to be the example for the rest of the country and to show Members of Congress in Washington, D.C. that different people, with different backgrounds, can come together and create plans that will keep America thriving for years to come. Please RSVP by calling my office at (860) 549-8463 or emailing my staff at sean_scanlon@murphy.senate.gov. I hope that you can join me on Thursday, December 5, 2013 and I encourage you to bring someone else with differing views. Sincerely, Christopher S. Murphy US Senate.
--------------- –---------------------------
From Bob MacGuffie to anyone planning to attend:

The format will be that budget workbooks are passed out to people to look at different budget items and attempt to "balance" their U.S. budgets.  It's all an effort to draw everyone in to the legislators'  challenge and dilemma in containing spending. 
Following is a suggestion someone should offer Murphy:
In 2008 the budget expenditures were approximately $3 trillion.  Today, the government takes in about $3 trillion in taxes - see attached budget history.  The suggestion is to today propose the 2008 budget by department, which matches today's tax receipts at $3 trillion.  Every dept. manager would have to scale back to his spending levels from 2008.  Corporations do this ALL the time as we know.  Murphy will say the entitlements of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are growing with mandatory spending driven by aging boomers etc.  The creative answer to that is to have all the depts cut back to 2008 levels as proposed, and to isolate only the entitlement programs and float Treasury Bonds dedicated specifically to entitlements only to keep them running.  Then immediately get the appropriate congressional committees working on reforming the entitlements to bring them into financial solvency.  Then the special Treasury Bonds will no longer be needed and you will have a balanced budget.  This process would probably take two years if done honestly.
 Have someone try this logical fix on Murphy. If anyone wants to call me to discuss have them call me.  Bob MacGuffie 203-727-7798
Right Principles
Every Democrat, incumbent or candidate, federal or state, must be wrapped in the Obamacare debacle. They voted for it. They own it. Our five Representatives and two Senators stink to high Heaven with it. Never miss an opportunity to smear a Democrat with Obamacare, They will love it.
Tonight we witnessed an event with very significant ramifications. We watched an unknown and untested Republican take the oath of office as the new Mayor of Meriden. Voters in that city rejected what they knew for somebody who is proposing revolutionary ideas. Not only was Manny's victory the biggest election surprise of the year in Connecticut, but it reveals the disdain that many people have for the Democratic Party's domination of Connecticut.
We will be watching Mayor Santos try to get things in order in Meriden. We wish him the best of luck and the best of success. Santos might be the breakthrough the CT GOP has been hoping for.
That's why it's more imperative to create a clear separation between Democrat and Republican in future elections in Connecticut.

At the Meriden Inaugural last night the Democrats showed no grace. They are the worst of sore losers. Their actions were an insult to every voter who voted Republican. We hope the voters remember in 2015. Mayor Santos will be fought every day. His inaugural speech revealed some of what he has been up against.

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

Palin Smith


Got a last minute request from a good friend.

American Christian Historian & Founder of AWAKE AMERICA
Dr. Charles Harding
To be the guest speaker
Mon Dec 2 - Wed Dec 4. @ 7pm
At FBBC, 8 Granger Ln Plainville CT
Topic: Our Constitution & Bill of Rights, there STILL is Hope,
if we do our duty Today.

Free to the public

To view these services on-line
Go to fbbc-ct.org
Click on. "Live-stream",

Dr Harding's vast insight into The faith & Founders of our Nation, the decline of America and the answers & ACTION Needed Today are compelling, All Lovers of Colonial History & all those who the great Documents that shaped this blessed nation, come meet a modern day Patriot. The time is NOW to stand!!!

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