Thursday, November 14, 2013

City Elected Officials Sworn in at Biennial Meeting of the City of Middletown

The Mayor and Common Council
Nancy Wyman, Deputy Governor swore in Mayor Dan Drew for his second term on Tuesday night at the Woodrow Wilson Middle School in. Mayor Drew then gave the oath of office to all the newly elected city officials. Drew gave a speech with highlighted quotes from Woodrow Wilson. He thanked former council members not returning to their seats Phil Pessina, Joe Bibisi, Ron Klattenberg (R) and Todd Berch (D) for their service.  

The Mayor declined to thank Councilwoman Linda Salafia, a republican, who did not win re-election. Mayor Drew also thanked Eli Canon's Owner Phil Ouelette for dealing with limited parking when the construction of the Community Health Center next door was beginning, an initiative that happened before Mayor Drew was even on Common Council. Retired Town Clerk Sandra Russo-Driska took her oath of office from Mayor Drew who was accompanied by Linda Bettencourt the new Town Clerk who had been deputy clerk to Russo-Driska during her tenure. Drew, a democrat was cross endorsed  by the Working Families party along side Phil Pessina and Carl Chisem. Pessina, Drew and Chisem actively campaigned together; Working Families sponsored a fundraiser and sending out a mailer slamming candidate for Council Seb Giuliano. Chisem was elected to common council as a Democrat. In his speech, Mayor Drew also called for bi-partisan ship and claimed the economy is doing extremely well. Mayor Drew gave flowers to his mother and wife during his speech.

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David Bauer (R) takes his oath of office for Common Council
Sandra Russo-Driska (R)  takes her oath of office for Common Council

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