Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Local Veterans & Patriots Protest Government Shut down of War Memorials

On Sunday October 13th, a group of protestors lead by Gail Whitright of Middletown formed a march in protest of the closed national memorials due to the government shut down. Concerned citizen patriots and veterans from around Connecticut stood their ground in protest of the closure and barricading of nation monuments at the Iwo Jima World War II Memorial located at exit 29 off Rt 9 at  9 am on the board of Newington and New Britain. Like protests in Washington DC and around the country happened over the weekend.  The Connecticut protest was organized through word of mouth and a facebook campaign; according to the group page more protests will be planned should the shut down continue to effect veterans. 

Photos and video courtesy of  guest blogger Palin Smith. 

Ann Morse, Middletown, and Gail Whitright also of Middletown

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