Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Killian Apologies to Town Clerk, Carroll Leaves Ballot

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First, I want to reiterate that I have great confidence in Linda Bettencourt's personal integrity, and appreciate her contributions as the official of this year's election in Middletown.
I want to address proactively any criticism that is bound to arise from Chairman Fred Carroll's intended departure from this year's ballot. While this may frustrate the City's wish to print ballots as soon as possible, with good intentions to facilitate the fulfillment of absentee ballot applications, any printing of ballots prior to a settlement of Kilian v. Bettencourt is presumptive of an outcome in the City's favor, despite recent legal precedent to the contrary.

I have spoken to both Linda and SOS Attorney Ted Bromley about the process that would follow a vacancy created by Fred's withdrawal. Linda confirmed to me that Middletown Counsel supports the right of Realistic Balance Party to replace this vacancy. These conversations have convinced me that our differences due not stem from any malice on their part.

However, this time we will be asking for the parameters for compliance with the law as they see it to be confirmed in writing and in advance.


John Kilian
Secretary, Realistic Balance Party of Middletown.

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