Thursday, September 12, 2013

Letter to the Editor:Down Town Drive Thru Accurate Prediction of Middletowns Future, Praise for Devoto, John Killian

Below is a letter to the Editor from Mayoral candidate John Killian, Realistic Balance Party. Letters are published as courtesy and no not necessarily represent the views of the Insider staff.Stephen Devoto recently was the top vote getter during the Sept. 10th primary against  Democrat planning and zoning candidates endorsed by the Town Committee; he will appear on the ballot in November. Devoto was also endorsed by the Realistic Balance Party.

Stephen Devoto - 710 votes
Robert Blanchard - 610 votes
Dan Russo (incumbent) - 592 votes
Paul Turenne - 568 votes
It has recently come to my attention that the eBook version of my book was inadvertently retired.
It has now been reinstated:

Since its publication, Downtown Drive-Thru has accurately predicted the future of Middletown's political rebellion against the forces of western hegemony, including last night's upset victory in the Democratic primary by petitioning candidate DeVoto for PnZ.

If you are in the least interested in what the future holds for the City of Middletown, I do not read palms, but I do write books.

For those of you scoring at home, after last night's victory by DeVoto, it is opponents of a Downtown Drive-Thru: 1, people who don't want to talk about it: -1.


John Kilian
Author and Candidate for Mayor]

Today, an Air Quality Alert has been issued ( )

Recommended actions include reducing unnecessary vehicular traffic. Under such conditions, this suggests that Drive-thrus should be suspended until air quality improves to healthier levels. An exception for handicapped drivers makes sense.

Here is more info on why I am so opposed to Drive-thrus:
John K.


  1. Devoto is a dope: He acts one way but has more money than Trump and all of his rightous preaching and such all revelove around himself and his ego. It makes sesne why the Village District would like him, they are so full of themselves as well. Stephen owns 4 vechicles, a vineyard in California, property in Vermont, has a daughter that goes to Choated Rosemary ($26,000) a year. He really knows about real people. Must be nice! He is friends with such limosine liibrarls as Ed "ED4ED" McKean, Jen "Kidcity" Alexander and Mark"$600,000 a year" Masselli. Snake in the grass type of guy! By the way: My name is Anonoymous and that is the way it is! I don't want retribution from the crazed villagers.

  2. Drew isn't any better. Deveto can't be bought. My opinion is Drew can, and has been! He has not stood up for one little guy. Time to vote all those corrupt politicans out. All they do is put other dirty people in power! Just wait and see!
    Anonymous also, for fear of retribution of crazed people in power!

  3. Devoto is a rich guy who gave money to the lawsuit against pz because he and the village wes crowd didn't like the decision. He a selfish reason. Already bought.

  4. I was one that thought SDH was the coolest thing when the EYE began etc, but as Ed's EGO grew and grew and The Eye would only cater to Democratic causes or ignore obvious corruption like CHC and other issues, I became quite nervous. My wife pointed out (correctly?) that all of the so called villagers are very elitist and only do things for the all might dollar such as Blue House. Everybody down in Westfield knew Devotos interest to the association was self serving and such. It's ED4STEPHEN or STEPHEN4STPEHEN or whatever. The villager district lives to challenge anything they perceive as evil or anti-granolaey.. The exception is to ignore one of their own like Beth Emery who went astray at the meeting. If you cross the villagers they will call you names like ED Mckeon did when he called Dan Russo an "Asshole" at the Landino meetings last year. That was classic, but never mentioned in ED4ED's reports on Russo. Tney totally ignored Jeff Bianco's money making role in the Landino deal even though his objectives (MONEY) were against their goals (Shadow Goal: Less traffic/For hte people Real Goal: BLUE house flipping houses to give away for free?) Yeah right.

  5. By the looks of the numbers...we should have a new mayor come November ? The mayor had around 400 when he beat Seb. Looks like these guys have much more support then this mayor.


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