Monday, September 16, 2013

Guest Blog: Conservative Round Up by Palin Smith

Below is a guest blog piece by Palin Smith, views expressed are not necessarily those of the Insider Staff.

The past week of Sept. 11 was very busy. The CT Oath Keepers hosted a 12-hour Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment/911 remembrance at South Center Street in Windsor Locks. We met some new friends from Massachusetts. This video play list provides a snapshot of the 3 hours we attended:

We met James McGovern, a candidate for the Bloomfield Town Council, who was very impressive:

James is part of the new wave. If the national tsunami can’t roll through Connecticut, we’ll generate our own.
Of extra interest was a 37 second clip that might make a great negative ad against John McKinney. Make sure to share widely. A good place to start would be to post it on each of the 26 Republican gun grabbers’ Face Book pages.
When often asked why we don’t go after the Democrat gun grabbers, our reply is that the Republicans should know better, and the Dems very rarely show their faces in public. By forcing the Democrats to completely own even harsher gun restrictions, the Republican solidarity would have greatly enhanced their prestige, especially among Unaffiliated and law-abiding Democrat gun owners. John McKinney inserted his own emotions into a procedure that demanded full logic. He forever disqualified himself from any consideration as a political leader. And so did the other 25.------------------------------------------------------------------------------
On Sunday, Sept. 8 we made the trip to the new Darien Library to see Congressman Jim Himes run his traditional very free-wheeling public forum. Senator Blumenthal was an extra “treat”. The meeting was dedicated totally to Syria. Probably 400-500 people attended. The whole thing is recorded here:
Pay particular attention to a couple of our all-stars at this event.
Linda Czaplinski
Our tag line meshes perfectly with what Linda and Bob did last Sunday. They lit some brush fires in peoples’ minds.
We also had the added opportunity to see Tom Foley announce his launch of an exploratory committee to see if he’s a viable candidate for governor. Tom’s press conference was a ho-hum affair. The unanimous sentiment among those who attended the Burroughs Community Center event in Bridgeport was why didn’t he just jump in. Perhaps his heart isn’t in it?
Video here:
On a very stormy night in Redding we took advantage of a sparse crowd to ask several questions of State Senator Toni Boucher, the Republican gun grabber who is running for governor (the other one besides McKinney). Republican Rep. John Shaban, who announced his intention to challenge Jim Himes in the 4th district, another gun grabber, was also there. And good guy, Dan Carter.
When the subject turned to the gun control legislation, SB 1160, Boucher clearly began back peddling. Her sleazy pandering attitude is prominently on display here. Make sure ALL your gun enthusiast friends, especially hunters, get a copy of this video.
Please keep your radar turned on. We want to know where John McKinney will hold a regional meet and greet or fund raiser. Our 90 John McKinney Must Go yard signs are becoming restless. They want to expose themselves.
Remember the prediction of a very active hurricane season? Remember how the Global Warming fruitcakes have been saying this for six years? As a proud man-made climate change denier, I can gleefully say, “I told you so!” Al Gore is the “Chicken Little” of our times. A few articles to digest.
Our long-time friend from Terryville, Bill Heering, is one of many constitutional conservatives who are on the ballot in towns all over the state in this year’s municipal elections. Bill is asking for your support, and especially on October 12. If you’ve always wanted to learn about politics from the grass roots up, listen to Bill’s invitation. Bring your family for half a day to help change the course of one town’s future. Take the experience back to your town and do the same at home.
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)
Pass the matches or get out of the way…..
Palin Smith
PS We’re sure there are many events coming up this week. If you know of town halls, debates or any other events that will trigger our interest, please reply. There’s been much recruiting. Absorbing that work has resulted in our neglecting the near future. Post on Face Book or reply here. Thank you.
And always feel free to tweet any video you wish. We will get our message noticed.

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