Sunday, September 08, 2013

Exclusive: 2 Photos from Season 4 of AMC's Zombie Drama "The Walking Dead"

The editorial staff at The Middletown Insider through their savvy network of informants and data bases were able to hack into the computer system over at AMC in order to steal two photos from the upcoming season of "The Walking Dead."  According the descriptions on the back of the photos:

"The upcoming seasons picks up a year after the events of season three. The cast is walking around in circles not understanding why the voters/zombies continue to complain about taxes and sorry leadership every two years, but continue to repeat their mistakes by voting in the same zombies/Democrats."

Perhaps the theory of adding fluoride to a nation's drinking system in order to make the population dense and compliant is on target. With Guy Russo in charge of the water/sewage department I bet there is a whole lot fluoride in the water- if we're lucky.  Enjoy the photos!

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