Saturday, August 10, 2013

Strategic Plan Underway at Russell Library

August 2013
Arthur S. Meyers, Director

As we implement the new Russell Library Strategic Plan, an important element is communicating fully with the public. Note the word "with" - the Plan begins with the public.

You can find a copy of the document on our website:

Please let me know if you would like a printed copy or if you have any questions - 860/347-0196 or 
The broad-based Strategic Planning Committee, which developed the Plan, met in early July and established four sub-committees to carry out specific tasks:

  • Marketing (communicating accomplishments and further goals to the public)
  • Educational Partnership (working with the schools and early learning programs)
  • Assessment (examining how we are doing as we move along and changes needed)
  • Staff (establishing priorities and then implementing them)

An important aspect of the Strategic Plan is making the best use of our existing space. To this end, we need to ensure our current buildings are in good operating order.

In the past year, Mayor Drew and City Council approved a Bond Issue for exterior renovation of the Library. TLB Architecture, the firm which renovated the interior of the Library over the past decade, is planning the work needed on the exterior. A Reference copy of their comprehensive report is available in our Information Services department on the second floor.

The report divides the work needed into four areas. After the architectural and engineering work for the entire project, we have funds to carry out the most pressing items:

  • Stop water from entering the Library through the roof and from underground
  • Stabilize exterior parts of the original building.
  • Carry out other urgent safety repairs.

The next priorities are to re-roof the original building, perform other needed renovations, and make more extensive renovations for beautification. We will need new funds for these tasks.

Through these steps, we are building - A Bridge to the Future!

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