Monday, July 01, 2013

Monday Fun: Suggest a Photo Caption

Suggest a clever caption for this charming photograph: (sorry, no prizes)


  1. This is how Councilman Serra speaks to to Mayor Drew

  2. Shhhhhh...the government has figured out what we are saying.

  3. "Hey Ed," said the blowhard farmer.
    "Yeah," replied the tracker.
    "Do all the work, when it's time to get credit you take it."
    "Sounds good."

  4. Mayor Drew to Earl Roberts "Just shut it or you will be removed". Mayor Drew "When will these people remember that I am in charge and they have no right to question me".

  5. The wacky and outlandish Middletown Republican Party trying to spread rumour and inuendo while covering the publics eyes in an attempt to get them beleive its the truth of the BS you spaead and the lies you beleive :)

    Stick with beating up Ed and leave the real problem of the world to the grown ups.

    Time for the Republican Party nappy nap and get a diaper change kiddies.

    night night

    hahaha did you see that ? I used the word EYE hahahahahahah


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