Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2nd Amendment Defenders Connecticut Citizens Defense League Draws Crowd at Summer Pig Roast

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut. The group is especially dedicated to protecting the unalienable right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, for the defense. Sunday the group held its summer pig roast. Guest speaker was Martha Dean, a conservative CT lawyer who is heading up the CCDL's lawsuit on the unconstitutionality of the recently passed gun control measured in Connecticut. The picnic was held at Cennicola's Restaurant and Pizzaria in Clinton. The CCDL holds its monthly meetings at the Elk's Club in Middletown. The group once met in the downstairs room, but now with a recent surge in membership, attendees fill the grandball room. Photo credit: Luke Nearine.


  1. and what is the connection with Middletown?

  2. Until I see 2nd Amendment Defenders fighting to repeal the The National Firearms Act of 1934 then as far as I am concerned they are complacent with gun control.

  3. Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection is also in Middletown. Pistol permit applications are at an all-time high and the human traffic to the building is constant. Too bad DESPP wasn't located closer to downtown~

  4. All the signers of that Middletown proclamation are traitors, and further underscore the desperate need for Connecticut to legalize recall elections (as if Malloy, BlumenDick, and Smurfy weren't already enough).

  5. Reasonable gun control is sorely needed in CT and every other state. We license drivers but not gun owners. That is utter insanity. Too many guns = more tragedies like Newtown waiting to happen.

  6. The CCDL holds its monthly meetings at the Elk's Lodge in Middletown.
    2nd Amendment rights and new gun control laws have become controversial since the Sandy Hook tragedy. To further explain the connection to Middletown, Mayor Dan Drew signed NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Mayor's Against Guns pledge and subsequently brought forward to the Common Council a proclamation declaring that Middletown is against certain 2nd Amendment rights.

    As a point of discussion we felt may be of interest to citizens, and thus the reason for the posts about CCDL and other 2a measures in CT:
    Do all 40,000+ residents of Middletown agree with 100% of what was signed in the name of citizens?

    This proclamation was signed by Councilman Ronald P. Klattenberg, Deputy Majority Leader, (D)
    Councilman Thomas J. Serra, Majority Leader (D)
    Councilman Gerald E. Daley (D)
    Councilwoman Hope P. Kasper (D)
    Councilman Phillip J. Pessina, Minority Leader (R)

  7. We welcome letters to the Editor for or against CT's current gun control laws or Middletown's proclamation as discussed- Thank you


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