Friday, June 07, 2013

Pablo Soto elected New 13th District State Central Rep.

Guest Blog report by blogger Palin Smith

Pablo Soto, New state
 central rep for Middletown
Pablo Soto is the newly-elected State Central Rep. from the 13th District, including Middlefield, part of Middletown and all of his hometown, Meriden. Pablo reported that about 30 of the 72 State Central Members are new. That is fabulous!

State Central votes later this month to choose a new CT Republican Party Chairman. 
Hope is high that a person will emerge who, if elected, can bring together all the different factions under the conservative banner. If that happens the CT GOP may regain much of it's mojo. Stay tuned.

Pablo also invited everyone to the Meriden Tea Party which meets every Thursday at the WW1 Memorial. The following link shows a gathering from several years ago.

The Tea Party movement has vaulted back to prominence because of the revelations that the IRS has been waging a war of harrassment againts Jews and many patriot groups.

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