Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Guestblog; Conservative Roundup by Palin Smith

Below is a roundup of Conservative events being held this week. Complied and submitted by Palin Smith. Opinions are that of Palin Smith and do not necessarily reflect that of Insider Staff. 
                                      GREETINGS PATRIOTS
The year, 2013, is nearly half over. The Connecticut state legislature imposed more burdens on the citizens - that‘s what it does. Many Republicans who are only disguised that way, voted with their comrades in the other party to further restrict our right to protect ourselves. At last, Connecticut’s lawmakers are through punishing our families and friends. The Long legislative session is over until next year. More and more I hear my friends talking about escaping Connecticut.
In Governor Dannel Malloy we see a rare politician. A man who obviously hates people. A man who would rather be running a gulag. And that’s exactly what Connecticut will become if he gets reelected in 2014. Don’t wait until next year to get involved. Now is the time! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

And in the heartland, rumblings have burst into shock waves as scandal after scandal erupts in Washington DC. The dangerous and corrupt Obama Regime has lost it’s celebrity luster as the loyal media elite discovered that they’re no better than the Tea Party, or at least perceived and treated that way by their demigod. http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/rasmussen-obama-democrats-scandals/2013/05/30/id/507178
The “old gray lady” herself, the New York Times, is taking potshots at the White House.
Is there any doubt remaining that the IRS targeted the Tea Party?
IRS lawyer who oversaw conservative targeting is retiring and his Facebook page has been removed
These criminals were caught red-handed.
But in the end if the Obama Regime self immolates because of it’s arrogant disregard for the Constitution, let the history books record that it was the Tea Party that lit the match!
There is little to add about the 4th anniversary Cheshire Tea Party. This video says it all. Focusing on a Connecticut miscreant and on a tyrannical institution that must be abolished immediately. We should never again allow ourselves to be intimidated by the Internal Revenue Service. It’s now time to euthanize that corrupt despicable bureaucracy.
Every year is election year. The odd-numbered years are dedicated to municipal elections. Hundreds of candidates running for mayors, selectmen, city council, aldermen, boards and commissions have stepped up to do something more than complain. Perhaps the most critical elected position in Connecticut is that of a member of the Board of Education. BOE members many times decide on school curricula, who teaches your kids and grandchildren, how much they get paid AND where the bulk of your property taxes go.
Please take the time to talk to your BOE candidates. Ask them about the Common Core Curriculum, an insidious government program designed to track your kids like lab rats. Another goal of common Core is to shrink the margin between slow learners and bright students by lowering the learning standards. It leads to parents of the brighter students relocating their kids into private schools. It’s generally referred to as “bright flight”. It harms your public schools.
Common Core is part of the UN sponsored Agenda 21.
Opposition to the Common Core (already established in CT) is growing rapidly all over America. Monday night at the West Haven BOE meeting, Jessica Chiong, a parent and anti-Common Core activist gave her testimony.
If you’re concerned about Common Core in your schools (you should be incensed) follow these links. Jessica is the administrator of the Facebook page, STOP COMMON CORE IN CT. https://www.facebook.com/StopCommonCoreinCT?ref=br_tf
And please send Jessica a small donation. She is taking her crusade for our children on the road. http://www.gofundme.com/36m94k
If you didn’t get a chance to see representatives of some of the Tea Party groups that were targeted for harassment by President Obama and the IRS, here’s an example. http://youtu.be/0N8TykuZvTY
And a freshman Rep. from Oklahoma had the gumption to tell it like it is in about one minute! http://youtu.be/CoR_WqikyxU
And a reminder about the special election on Tuesday, June 11 in Tolland, Willington and Ashford. A chance to take away a seat from the reckless Democrats in the state legislature:
Special Election CT House District 53 (Ashford, Tolland, Willington) June 11, 2013 Sam Belsito ( R) uncommon courageous voice for common sense.
When future generations ask, 'What were you doing when the tide turned in Connecticut?' At the very least....
If you are (or know of someone) in the 53rd district (Ashford, Tolland, Willington) you can say your VOTE helped to make the difference. Because, of course, you got to the poll and voted on June 11!
Whether you are in the 53rd district or not, you can say that you joined forces with those who made THOUSANDS of voter contacts! Contact Will Conway 203-767-4291 or Conway.will@ymail.com for voter contact opportunities.
Be sure to mark down on your calendar for June 20 the one-man art show of patriot Marc Stolfi. Mark is a strong 2A supporter and tea party activist who has contributed his multiple talents time and time again for Connecticut’s Liberty movement. Follow this face book events page. See you there on the 20th. https://www.facebook.com/events/334461870014886/?ref=br_tf
You might remember when the government forced oil companies to replace lead in gasoline with MBTE, but you might not be aware of what happened when underground storage tanks were discovered leaking gasoline. The poison, MBTE, ruined aquifers under many towns. Another government mandate with unintended consequences!
Many scientists are starting to worry about the long-term effects of electro-magnetic radiation (wi-fi, cell towers, smart phones, smart meters, etc) on the health of children. Loss of fertility might be one devastating consequence. We are being warned.
There will be a panel of experts in Stonington, CT on June 28. I’ve contacted the hosts. I’m hoping to be allowed to video the 90 minute presentation. Follow this link and sign up.
Mark down Saturday, June 22 on your calendars. There will be a major protest event on that day in Fairfield starting at noon and lasting about 90 minutes. It might be the biggest grass roots Liberty outdoors event since the April 20 CCDL Gun Rights Rally at the Capitol. More details next week.
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)
Pass the matches or get out of the way….. Palin Smith
Palin Smith
As usual we encourage you to forward this to all your like-minded contacts. Please begin to organize your own email lists by either town or by state senate district.

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