Friday, May 24, 2013

Lesser votes for Illegal Immigration Bill and denies rumors that he is headed back with Menudo

According to The State House of Representatives voted 74-55 to allow people in the country illegally to obtain a CT driver's license. Here is how our representatives voted (or not):

Joe Serra (D, House 33rd): ABSENT
Matt Lesser (D, House 100th): YES  (Matt spoke on the floor in his native Spanish while debating the bill as he is a member of the State's Spanish Caucus and a former member of Menudo for 1999-2002)

The bill now goes to the State Senate. (Note: Is this good or bad for those that have vineyards in California who employee illegal aliens?)

This epic piece of legislation ended at approximately 4:55 A.M. Perhaps, the house should create a rule that would halt this epidemic of vampire type voting which seems to happen in the middle of the night with important issues which include:  the early release program, education reform and gun legislation.   Perhaps, we should let the law makers READ the bills they are voting on prior to voting on them.

 State Senator Joseph Markley, (R) Southington said: “A bill emerges out of a backroom after midnight and it passes through the Senate before dawn and the debate never sees the light of day.” Markley said he decided he wasn’t going to support the bill because once he saw it, he wasn’t going to have time to read it or understand it.

In semi related news when asked if and when Lessor would reunite with his Menudo pals, Lessor responded by saying: "Hey, if I can create another voting base of approximately 45,000 that will vote Democrat for me because I keep giving them things and screwing the middle class, I am definitely in for a reunion."  Great answer Matt, but what about Menudo?

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