Friday, May 24, 2013

Gas Rally: Thursday May 30 at Danby's Gas Station 872 East Main Street- Meriden

PRESS RELEASE: Gas Tax Rally Thursday May 30 at Danby's Gas Station 872 East Main St. Meriden - gas price will be lowered by $0.22/gallon from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm - protest the July 1 tax hike

The Petroleum Gross Receipts tax, the so-called "hidden gas tax" will increase by another $.04/gallon adding to the highest state gas taxes in the continental US right here in Connecticut. We are trying to get people to show up to protest the scheduled hike and to sign a petition to go to the governor asking him to stop yet another tax increase.

Insider commentary: While the Democrats will try and take credit it was Suzio who originated the idea of capping the gas tax. Why  it when a GOP has an idea the D's don't pass it but reword the same proposal and then take credit?
Insider photo, one of many last year's Cap the Gas Tax Rally Middletown

Not only can you make your voice loud and clear, you can get the benefit of a substantially lower gas price during the rally. Come out and join us.

Len Suzio

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