Thursday, April 11, 2013

Roundup: BOE News Update

The more things change the more they stay the same.  Last night’s Board of Education meeting was just that.  The administration would speak, the entire board (minus one gadfly member) would drool (or maybe it should be spelled drewl).  The current members were elected for change. They showed up fired Mikey, hired Pat, hired a few other new folks and then put their hats and sun glasses on and said that was too much like work.  Now they sit in their lawn chairs (or in some cases stand on a porch) and watch the tax paper bend over more and more each year.  Here some highlights from last night’s meeting you may or may not have missed. Lots of $$$$$$$$$BOE$$$$$$$$$$

1.       IT Director $102,191.00 a year.  “Hey Mayor What Happened?  Shared Services, NO?  Really? So, were back to two IT Directors in the City? And you had time to go see Obama on Monday? Is he helping Middletown? “

2.       The board is so tired from working sooo hard, Mitch, Eddie, and everyone’s (especially Ryan Kennedy) favorite TED dy Bear didn’t show. Thanks for representing the voters. (Absent).

3.       The board approved the approval of hiring a temporary Facilities Director from a private company called Sodexo. They won’t even tell you how much this is costing. 

4.       No. focus group, no workshop, doesn’t even tell the people who are affected. Just jam it down their throat and they will have to deal with it.  WESU suburb, the Pikes Ravine area, was moved to Macdonough Elementary back in 2009. Bad times, people sold their house because of this. Now less than five full years later back to Snow Elementary and Farm Hill they go.  People need to ask if one board member who lives in the village district had anything personal to gain.  The committee who recommended this is chaired by Ed McKeon. His neighborhood now gets moved back to Farm Hill School.  Fishy?

4.5   Sheila Daniels- If you speak against something, most people would then vote against it.  We all know you’re related to Earle, but you do not have to act like him...

5.       The board went into executive session to discuss non-renewing of contracts.  What the Insiders sources at the BOE building are saying is Mayor Drew lied again.  No layoffs????  Not so much!!! Over 50 layoff notices went out to teachers. Tommy’s son is safe, is yours?

6.       Also, did anyone hear Ryan Kennedy mention the BOE met on Saturday morning- 9am?  Hello TRANSPARENCY?? I think Seb Giuliano needs to send Chief McKenna over there again to chase those fools out of there? Shake em down!!!!  24 hour police presence, I think so!

7.       Why was Former Councilman David Bauer outside peeking into the Chamber?  It was seventy degrees out and this guy is wearing a winter hat!

The Board of Education will be in front of the Common Council for their budget workshop on April 16, 2013 at 7pm. Phil & Joe – we get it, it's for the kids. Drinking game anyone?

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