Monday, February 25, 2013

Photos from Penguin Plunge for Special Olympics Middletown

State Rep. Christie Carpino  revisited her role as advocate of Special Olympians when she judged the costume contest at the Penguin Plunge to benefit Special Olympics of Connecticut.
 265 people plunged into the frigid waters of Crystal Lake on Feb. 23, 2013. A patch of ice had to be cleared from the lake to make way for plungers.The the costumes have become a part of what attracts large crowds of to see costumes and others take the plunge for a good cause. Middletown's Park and Recreation Department team called Frozen Fools lead by Karen Nocera and comprised of several department employees, and local students raised $3,000. Mayor Drew gave opening remarks, and plunged twice. Todd D'Aquila lead the fundraising for the Frozen Fools.  Other teams consisted of local high school student athletes and local law enforcement. Police plungers includedEmergency Personnel and First Responders were on duty throughout the event. Over all  nearly $50,000 was raised for Special Olympics. Click to enlarge reader submitted photos we assembled.
 In the photo above, Rep. Carpino on the left with PZ Commissioner  & plunger with Frozen Fools Molly Salafia.To the right is the entire Frozen Fools Park and Rec team from Middletown.

Local photographer Matt Kabel took photos of the day's events.
Many penguin costumes were worn.

Photo upper left, Mayor Dan Drew plunged twice, top right and bottom left.

Male Members of the Polish Falcons Nest 519 where the event was hosted dressed as princesses
Click for more photos: 

The Frozen Fools team donned tie dye shirts. Top right, Karen Nocera .

Male Members of the Polish Falcons Nest 519 where the event was hosted dressed as princesses and arrived in a carriage.


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. They raised an amazing amount of money; good job!!!

  2. Nice job Insider!! Is it true the Mayor took awhile to swim with the SPED kids and had to be prompted to go with them ala a city director?

  3. SPED mean special education? Hope that was not intended as derogatory

  4. mayor was late as usual congratulated HIMSELF again as usual

  5. Being late is okay I guess, but blowing off the SPED kids horrible. I saw that Elizabeth Nocera had 2 prompt him into the water with the SPED crew


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