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Mayor Drew Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign

Earlier this week Mayor Dan Drew along side BFF Rep. Matt Lesser and Senator Richard " I forgot I Didn't Serve in Vietnam Like I told Everyone" Blumenthal kicked off Drew's 2013 re-election campaign for Mayor. The event was a pizza party at First & Last Tavern. Pony rides, "Tales of Grandeur" a puppet show  by Councilman Tom Serra & Big Bro Rep. Joe Serra, and face painting were held out back for the Drew's 10 buddies who came out to show support.

To the Editor:
My name is Juan Montalvo and I am a member of several City of Middletown commissions as well as a member of the Middletown Republican Town Committee. First and foremost, I am a litigation advisor. As a litigation advisor, I took an oath to uphold the law and justly serve my community. It is that dedication that leads me to write this letter.
While I am sure critics will claim that this is an attempt to smear the opponent and sling mud, I believe Middletown citizens deserve to know the true nature of Democratic candidate for mayor Dan Drew.
The facts speak for themselves and the inconsistencies in Mr. Drew’s resume should be brought to light. Although not forthright, it is not uncommon for one to show their best face when writing his or her resume and highlight his accomplishments, however; it is despicable for a person to dramatize those accomplishments to almost the point of fiction to make one seem more qualified for a particular position than is remotely plausible based on facts presented.
This over-dramatization of achievement to the point of false portrayal of facts is even more despicable when that person is seeking to hold such a highly esteemed public office as that of mayor of a city. Dan Drew presents awards on his resume both published on independent sites and his own website, as individual awards given only to him based on his sole merit without giving credit as those received by an entire organization.
In one particular case, Drew credits himself with an award that the organization he was employed by received, but he had nothing to do with. Investigating Mr. Drew’s credentials the information below was found:
From: Ginger Stanley [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 9:30 AM

Subject: RE: Virginia Press Association Awards
I can confirm that Daniel Drew was among a team of reporters that won a first-place award in 2004 for a multi-story series on the armed siege of a middle school. This was a team effort at the newspaper (Potomac News). Second-place award in 2003, football stars dies in shooting, sports news coverage was also a team project at the Potomac News. Our search did not turn up anything with his name on it for 2005, although Potomac News won a first place for 'staff' for sports pages but I have no way of confirming that Daniel was a part of this staff award. We do not have any records on the Media General awards, Donna Reed at 804-649-6000 may be able to help you. Hope this helps.
Ginger Stanley, Executive Director
Virginia Press Association
11529 Nuckols Road
Glen Allen, VA 23059
804-521-7575 Phone
804-521-7586 Fax
And more:
From: Donna Reed, Media General Communications Holdings, LLC,
Sent: October 28, 2011 2:10 PM
Subject: RE: Media General Awards
"These were in-house recognitions that were handed out on a monthly basis at one of the small northern Virginia community newspapers owned by Media General. Mr. Drew was given honorable mention in October 2003 for a local sports story."
Donna Reed
Media General, Inc
Richmond, VA 23219
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 2:45 PM
 To: Ginger Stanley
 Cc: Kim Woodward; Caroline Cardwell
Subject: Virginia Press Association Awards 
Good afternoon,
I am hoping that you could assist me in some research. A gentleman by the name of Daniel (Dan) T. Drew is running for mayor of our city of Middletown, Connecticut; he is a relative newcomer to our fair city, residing in town less than five years, and there is a lot of curiosity about him.
In his bio, he stated that he is the recipient of three separate journalistic awards from your organization, and I was hoping that you could confirm information. Since an exhaustive search via the internet has failed to reveal any articles published under his name, I hope you could please shed some light on our search. These are the award years and honors he claims:
Awards and Honors:
* Virginia Press Association, 2005, 1st Place award
* Virginia Press Association, 2004, 2nd Place award
* Virginia Press Association, 2003, 1st Place award
Won several writing awards for reporting on the Washington sniper murders, serial killer John Allen Muhammad's life in jail, the armed siege of a middle school by a teenaged boy, and dozens of murders. Wrote an award winning investigative series about corruption in a county sheriff's office that lead to that official's election loss and indictment.
Additionally, these other honors are listed as well; however an internet search has not even resulted in any information about the awarding entity. Is this anything that you are familiar with?
* Media General Mega Award Honorable Mention, 2003
* Media General Mega Award Honorable Mention, 2003
* Ellen Knowles Harcourt Foundation, 1998 Harcourt Scholar
Would you please help....? Thank you.
Dan Drew appeared on the Bill O’Reiley TV show in 2002 claiming to stand for the First Amendment. However, where was Dan Drew when BOE Chair Ted Radzka pulled the plug literally on the microphone when Ed McKeon was speaking at a public session several months ago? Where was Dan Drew when Councilmen Santangelo, Serra and Councilwoman Kasper walked out on a member of the public who was addressing the Public Safety Committee during a public session only weeks ago?
How is it that such an esteemed, award-winning investigative journalist, and self-proclaimed free speech advocate, Drew failed Middletown in not doing what he himself has professed as his crowning achievements — finding and exposing the the truth in government and standing up for free speech? How is it that Mr. Drew expects Middletown citizens to believe he was such a fantastical investigative reporter when he in fact was primarily a SPORTS writer and provided occasional coverage of the police blotter at the time that some of these awards were given?
Middletown should not want a bystander for a mayor.
It is of my opinion, as they say in the courtroom, that the preponderance of the evidence shows that Dan Drew is not a champion of the truth if he cannot be truthful on his own resume. Dan Drew cannot be a team player in the political arena and bring “transparency and communication” back between the BOE and the city and and the city and the citizens if he cannot be honest about being on a team that received journalistic awards rather than trying stretch the facts to boost his ego and pad his resume.
Failure to recognize reality and be honest with one’s self — let alone the public — is not a quality Middletown should want in a mayor.
Juan Montalvo,Middletown Resident


  1. Mr. Montalvo made some very good points in his letter to the Editor. Many of these same issues were publicly brought to the voters attention during Mr. Drew's last campaign for Mayor. The democratic voters of Middletown did not care one bit, and elected him Mayor anyway.
    Mayor Drew's credibility is further erroded by his handling of the recent blizzard. His "guarentees", and flip flopping of when streets would be opened proves he believes the residents of Middletown are niave, and that his bullying of City department Directors to say what he tells them to say will save face for him. The public knows there was no reason to clear Main Street completely of snow before opening up residential streets. The Public Works Director will put "Drew" spin on it when asked by the Common Council members.
    Anyone who thinks that Mayor Drew is not using Middletown for his own personal stepping stone to a higher elected position is fooling themselves. There is no integrity or open government in Middletown. Our City is run more like a secret organization for those who agree with this Mayor.

  2. Why is it if a GOP slightly alters one word of one's said resume it's called "GOP LIAR", but if a Dem does it, it's ignored?

    I mean Senator Bluementhal lied about serving in Vietnam, what a crock!

  3. I hear Dan Drew raised $25,000 in his first fundraiser. Who is the GOP going to nominate as their sacrificial lamb? Sebby really think he has a chance? Or Deb K, who couldn't even get 30% of the vote against Matt Lesser last year.

  4. That figure is BS. Also Deb K got way more than 30% of the vote and they only reason why Lesser won was 1. Obama ran and the North End loves them some Obama benefits and handouts 2. The Democrats bussed in Wes students.

  5. WHY should Giuliano run again? Those who said they would help him did NOTHING. Laziness. And those so called Italians were lazy too because they didn't come out or call out the democrats screwing them.Many city employees complained and didn't help now they have a terrible boss with temper tantrums- well they deserve it too. And when Giuliano told people about the crap happening with Michael Frechette and the BOE the parent turned a blind eye and blamed him for suing the BOE. The public is dumb- they don't get it. They voted for Drew and look what it got them, maybe they deserve it. They wanted high taxes,a young face, they are willing to read the papers and believe everything pretty boy narcisist says so they got what they asked for.

  6. This stuff is too funny! I love this site.. My friend thinks it sucks, but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez it is soo funny.. I see the guys you mock all over town and it's true the think they are the sheat...


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