Friday, February 15, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Media Exaggerated Hartford Anti-Gun Rally Attendance

 Letter to the Editor:
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Greetings Patriots:

Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether we’re married, in a relationship or single we all have one thing in common - love of country. Today at the State Capitol,  Connecticut’s gun control gang basked under bright blue skies and heard politicians’ pledge to stage an assault on the 2nd Amendment. You will see clips on the news tonight.

Main stream media sources are touting the size of the crowd at 5500. That’s the number the Capitol Police reported. After receiving some on the scene reports ( no…I didn’t attend this one), however,  we’re sure
that the police exaggerated the number by 4000. Why would they do that? I’ve asked Christine Stuart, CT’s News Junkie, to find out why.

I produced a comparison video this afternoon so people can decide for themselves. It shows the January 19, Guns Across America rally, which the media grudgingly admitted as a crowd of 1000, compared to pictures
of today’s March for Change rally.

The politicians, media and a large segment of the population believe they have staked out the moral high ground in the highly emotional argument which pits gun control versus gun rights. They are a cohesive
force to be reckoned with!

We must come together as an equal or better equipped and functioning political task force if we are to just maintain the status quo. We must become a one-issue voting block, if necessary. All the gun clubs,
hunting and sportsman’s clubs, Tea Parties, conservative politicians, other patriotic activist organizations, families and individuals need to find common ground when the time comes to respond to a question or
to an election, in defense of the Constitution.

Palin Smith

1 comment:

  1. They bused many people in unlike those who attended the Second Amendment rally in January.

    My guess is the crowds are similar but the media will never state that.


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