Monday, February 11, 2013

Letter to the Editor: The Mayor is Misinformed

Photo by Deb Meadows. Click to enlarge. 

Dear Insider,

Thanks for communicating since the town website is not!  

My husband just walked down the driveway to check (Feb 10, 10:29 pm) and our street (Laureate Drive) is still not plowed.  If we had an emergency, we would not be able to get out.   The town partially plowed the first two houses on our street and left the rest of us buried.   On the attached picture, the arrow indicates where our driveway is.   

They mayor says the streets are 100% open.  Well, he is misinformed!   Yes, my husband did call public works today (Sunday) about 2:00 pm and they said they would get to our street. 


Deb Meadows

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