Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Drew's Savings Paid by Joe Taxpayer

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The Insider has published blog pieces disputing the truthfulness and associated ALL of Drew's claimed accomplishments in the article published by the Middletown Mess today as a piece of pre-election season propaganda.

Reader David Greaves responds to the article in the Middletown Mess today that has Mayor Drew  bragging of all his accomplishments thus far. Most recently we explained the claim Drew magically got rid of dozens of grievances which is simply NOT true:

Greaves, in his own words:

Drew also pointed to the senior tax relief program enacted recently,giving seniors a choice between a tax freeze, tax deferral, or tax credit. The program is expected to significantly help seniors on a
fixed income.
Don't get me wrong i'm all for helping out folks in need - But heck as Joe Taxpayer, were the hell is my "choice" ?
Every program, benefit, etc that the City of Middletown creates, regardless of who it benefits, has to be paid some way - The city isn't footing the bill.

Surprise it's paid by Joe Tax payer - so the question has to be asked - What is in it for me? Where is my choice? Where is my perk for being a home owner and resident of Middletown?

David Greaves,
Middletown, CT

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