Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guest blog: Spittoons On the Downtown Middletown Sidewalk's A Necessity, Not a Luxury - Also a Revenue Generator?

Guest blog by one of our favorites Fred Carrol.
Guest blog pieces do not necessarily reflect those of the Middletown Inside and are published as a courtesy for readers.
 Although this guest blog was written before the Middletown Patch article by Cassandra Day having to do with Mayor Drew asking City personnel on ways the City could make more money in revenue,  Carrol has thought up some create ways the City that could not only clean up the streets downtown, something he feels very passionate about, but  coincidentally also fill City coffer's.
 Probably not Carroll's original intent, but we think ticketing spitter's is as splendid an idea as any combat depleting municipal funds.
Scary thing is, it is only February, and with the additions to the BOE budget that call for a 2.4 mil tax hike, just about monthly requests for appropriations from City Departments for various items not included in the Mayor's  budget, the City budget that would raise taxes at least another 1 mils, the grand list decreasing by $11 million, the Serracrat's Spendacratic tendencies,  and Mayor Drew's unsuccessful trip to China to sell the Aetna property (no one saw that coming, year right)
Mayor Drew is already apparently is looking for more ways to squeeze money out of tax payers! 

Read the article from  Middletown Patch here where Mayor Drew asks personnel for ideas on ways to increase City Revenue! That's money from your pocket!:

In Carroll's own words:
Spittoons On The Downtown Middletown Sidewalk's-A necessity, Not A Luxury

    It was brought to my attention once that an upturned soda bottle cap is "more dangerous than a banana peel", well, how stupid would you feel if your foot went out from under you consequent to stepping in a glomn of some inconsiderate dopes "lung butter"? Pardon me, but exactly what are we talking about here? Look, and you'll see it, listen, and you'll hear it....the sound of expectoration......especially the dopes you see standing around all day who eat some hydro oily, high fructosey, dairy rich diets, but most folks if I'm not mistaken, eat a highly "mucus forming" diet, and while not everyone expectorates recklessly on the ground, a hell of a lot of people do. Meanwhile, back at the Center For Disease Control.......don't even think about going barefoot, but what seems to not be apprehended is that one will surely track this expectorant everywhere, the precious car, the house, or "dwelling place" why is it a. tolerated and not ticketed, and b. not accommodated for by pertinent parties. Health Department tells Police "Ticket sidewalk spitters", right? Something.......but first install spittoons.
Dr. Freddy H. Carroll


  1. MAYOR DREW: I cannot afford a 2.4 mill tax increase are you kidding me you are looking for more money and more ways to get it from us? You can't get blood from a stone and people are suffering!!! I am sorry I voted for you!

  2. Littering cigarette butts should be enforced and ticketed as well. How gross is that?


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