Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Farm Hill Hockey Fundraiser at XL CENTER!

The Hartford Whale vs. The Monarchs at the XL Center 
See Farm Hill School Sing the National Anthem
Friday January 25, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.
$13.00 tickets lower level seating with $5.00 going back to the school
to Farm Hill PTA

Orders must be received by Monday, January 14, 2013

For More Information contact Sonia Konopka at 860-343-9047 or email sskonopka@aol.com

Note: How many tickets should Pat Charles buy? With that salary one can do some fancy math + she doesn't have to pay for milage is she drives up herself.


  1. Are they laying off teachers where you work ? No they will lay everybody else off first and still raise taxes to pay your teachers salary. Your an Educator, wouldn't you yourself wish to aspire to a Superintendent Level ? I would hope so otherwise I would not want you teaching my 3 boys. Why should we have teachers that will settle for thirds or fourths. Education waste and spending needs to be slashed, all the wasteful spending is done by teachers isn't it ? When has any BOE given a dime back to a community ? think a high paid administrator should be put in place and start making some hard cuts at the BOE such as Pat will do. Teacher layoffs are defiantly needed. Enough time for threatening every year teachers may get laid off lets just do it and get it over with. Teachers are not a coveted position in society just as Police and Fire are not, didn't they layoff 90 cops and firemen and women where you work. Time to fire teachers. Education is strapping this city and we should be relieved of that burden by laying of teachers not complaining about the top paid one. Less teachers would help reduce the 73% of where my tax dollars are wasted. Your blog supports a stop to wasteful spending, come on be honest with yourself that town you teach in could afford to lay you and about 20 teachers off. Stop pulling sheep skin over the heads and crying wolf and get in the unemployment line where everyone else is.

  2. How do you know she will make 'hard cuts?" Her salary with benefits is about $212,000 a year.


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