Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mayor: Safety Message via Honeywell Alert

This weekend, we held a joint meeting with the mayor’s office, Middletown Public Schools’ central office administration and Middletown Police Department command staff to review and improve our existing plans to secure our children’s welfare and safety.

We reviewed our existing emergency response protocols in light of the heartbreaking tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School and made additional plans to increase security at each of our schools. Some changes will be visible and some will not.

Students, parents, faculty and staff will witness an increased police presence in and around Middletown’s schools in the coming weeks. We have also formulated additional plans for increased police presence in and around Middletown’s schools on a permanent basis. Additionally, a number of other security measures are being implemented.

Our top priority is to provide our students, their families, our staff, and our community with a safe learning environment.

The tragedy suffered in Newtown puts into perspective the preciousness of our loved ones and that we must never take for granted their presence. We mourn for the children who were taken in the dawn of their lives, the families whose unimaginable grief can never be assuaged, and the community whose heart will bear enduring scars.

We can only hope and pray that they find comfort in the memories of those they have lost and in their spirit of unity. We invite you to join us for a vigil on the South Green Monday at 7 p.m., in memory of the people who lost their lives.


Mayor Daniel Drew
Superintendent Patricia Charles
Police Chief William McKenna


  1. more cries for attention from a two-bit mayor wanting to capitalize on a tragedy. Churches are the places for religious functions, not the mayor calling for a religious function to take place where he will preside over to get his face in the papers.

  2. That's why I like this website it is very informative about what is happening in the town, but at the same time we get an alternate view on things..

  3. I don't know if the mayor is crying for attention, but it is very obvioius he can't make a move without his puppeteer pulling the strings. (I.e. Malloy/ "S" Family etc.) Who knows, is he going to speak tonight? What will he say?

  4. How sad that the mayor uses this tragedy for his own political gain. Shame on him.

  5. I don't usually write to any of these bloggers tihngs, but enough is enough. The vigil should be about the people that suffered not another oppurtunity for a someone like him to be a "leader" at this time. Very hurt.

  6. I encourage all to write to Mayor Drew and tell him how tacky this vigil is and capitalize on this- get some face time with the Press, with the Serras, Santangelos, and no doubt Rep. Lesser by his side pontificating how they will keep us all warm and safe. This vigil is something religious leaders should organize not Drew- what is he Pope of Middletown?

    Public Safety meets tonight to discuss issues at schools - this isn't something that should have just been decided on by the mayor- pretending to know best- he has once again usurped power-

    He takes communion at St. Sebastian's and isn't even a Catholic- very disrespectful and arrogant, but of course no one will say so.

  7. What? He takes communion? Get of here- I wonder if the pope gave him dispensation because he is the mayor.

  8. Wtf! Seriously? He isn't catholic but is taking communion ? Tell me that's BS please!

  9. "Churches are the places for religious functions"

    haha ha ha ok.

    Second... a vigil isn't necessarily religious. Google image search vigil and count the number of images that are in a church. Compare to vigils outside? yeah. Here is a link in case you're lazy.


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