Monday, December 24, 2012

From Number 1: A Parody in the style of SNL

Welcome to our (my) town…. Middletown!
Wherever I go (China, Democratic Convention, The O’Riley Factor etc), I make fun of people because they voted for me and had no idea who I really was. Since I was a Democrat in a town that favors the D party 4-1, it was easy to pull the wool over your (the voters’) eyes.  It was quite Simple really, toss out a few buzz words (taxes!!) and BAM, I am the new number one working two hours a day.   I really don’t have much to say about anything and now, I want to merge departments and bring new ideas to the government that the old mayor wanted to implement.  I was against it back in 2011, but you know what, who am I kidding; the voters are too stupid to figure out my tactics of going to China without council permission.  For the record I am trying to bring jobs over for the Orient- I am sure American companies would prefer to pay U.S. workers $12.00 an hour plus benefits instead of 15 cents a day.


P.S. If you don’t agree with me I will trace your phone or make Guy raise your water bill by accident, not!


  1. LOL.. The Guy Russon comment is on the money. You guys made my holiday!

  2. "If you don't agree with me, I will trace your phone or make Guy raie your water bill by accident, not!"

    That is SOOOOOOOOO f@@king funny.. Too funny.. I would laugh harder, but I need to spare the energy to focus on how bad the H2O department is blanking me from the behind.

  3. oh goodness i can't stop laughing!!!

  4. any other mayor would have fired Guy Russa with his lack of leadership and oversight. Of course since he is Tom and Joe Serra cousin nothing will happen to him no matter what he does, as you have seen by his over and under charging of residents the past few years.

  5. I thought the other mayor juilano tried to ax Guyrusso, but then the council did a investigation on juliano. WTF?

  6. Dig deeper. Supposedly the W&S director got pulled over on Rt 9... Reckless endangerment. While driving municipal car. Got swept by Danny and Company...

  7. Dig deeper... W&S director supposedly pulled over on Route 9. Reckless endangerment with municipal motor vehicle. Swept under the carpet by Mayor's Office. Check it out!

  8. Dear Anon 10:28 12/31/2012:

    It wouldn't matter if the W and S director left somebody out there in the freezing snow, since he is a DEMocrat the crime is untouched. Remember Jim O'Rourke, D.Thornton, and Ted Kennedy? All motor vehicles violation people without penalty!

    Isn't GRusso related to the big "S"family in the sky?


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