Saturday, December 29, 2012

City to Sell Fragrance

By charter, the Mayor is allowed to appoint an Executive Assistant, and such is allocated for in the budget.
This administration however, has changed the title and whats more relevant the job description to Executive Chief of Staff. Grounds for a precedent pay increase? The Insider has heard that employees have been instructed to use the new title of Chief. 


  1. The funniest f @cking thing I ever saw.. HOLY! LOL!! OMG. You guz have ballz

  2. delusions of grandeur i love it! LS is waaaay jealous of the the real chief of staff-

  3. screw him, he is still nothing but a life guard

  4. Lifeguard? In what sense? Metaphorically or symbolically or is JS really David Hassellhoff in disguise?

  5. This guy is nothing compared to the reign of terror when the recently departed (thank goodness) basement blonde was the "executive assistant"! Even Lisa S pales in comparision.

  6. You want some f@#$%*g funny s#17 well here ya go.

    Rumor floating around the sand pit at City Yard is that Mayor Drew has secured a job with Chris Murphy and campaign but before leaving in the middle of his term 2 things will happen ; The Life Guard is going to be appointed as the Park and Rec Director to a deparnent that is not realy going to be dismantled AND the drum roll please...your next new apointed by City Charter and City Ordinance will be,

    Robert (Realy it will be Lisa, Bob dosen't have a pair of his own) Santangello !!!!!!!

    If he can't get elected at least some one can gift it to him !!!!!!!!!

    Remember the Seb Garaffalo (god bless him he was a great freind and great man) apointment to Tax Collector ?

    Almost 75% the Council does, the were either working for the City ir were in the Council at that time !!!

  7. hahahahahahaha Joe S. is gonna be the next Park and Rec Director !!!!!!!!!!!! Dan the Man is gonna be under Chris Murphy's skirt !!!!!!!!!!!! Suicide watch for Republicans on the Portland Bridge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah

  8. Hey I would buy this fragrence if Samolis goes over to P & R and gets rid of the remaining dead wood. Starting with the big ole former treasurer CBB - what does she do all day anyway????


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