Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Know You're a (Middletown) Liberal if.....

1) You lead the fight with the local Board of Education and the Mayor's office to ensure that all Middletown schools are racially balanced. Once the list is released, you notice that your own child has to be bused to a school in the north end which infuriates you so you complain about this error at the next BOE meeting. "I didn't mean my kid."

2) You bitterly complain about a State Senator's bid to call for a recount over the 228 vote margin during the last election. If this were Murphy vs. McMahan and she won by 228 votes, you would be driving around the state and screaming voter fraud. In fact you would have a megaphone and offer to count votes yourself. Give me a break! Voter fraud only occurs if it favors the left.

3) You write in your blog about the alleged nastiness of other writers on different blogs, but it's okay for you to drop F-bombs about Linda McMahan on Facebook twice a day. "Let's count to three and take a breather."

4) You fight for the local diner that burned down due to the owner's lack of responsibility of not having fire insurance. Sorry guys, you want to help out the community let's earn some money for schools and not waste time and energy for a person that wasn't responsible. Instead it's: Lets's' make sure the natural food store gets free money from the town to make up revenue due to the bridge traffic. (Did they lose money? The place is always packed. What's the kickback?) When the Wesleyan bookstore and Starbucks want to move in your territory, it's, they don't have the right or we don't want chains in this town or the classic, it's bad for Middletown. Give me a break. You don't own the North End! (Real reason: We don't want anything to rock the little non-profit boat we are running down here! What's your salary now?)

5) You campaigned for the BOE on a platform of transparency and honesty. Reality: It's impossible to get a word from you about BOE business or the missing million dollars. Where is the budget? Why are they underfunded? Typical answer: "I refuse to answer to anonymous people."

6) You claim you didn't vote for Wayne Winsley because Rosa DeLaura is more qualified. What the…..? Mmmmm, it's probably the same reason people like you spend $51,000 a year to keep your children away from the public school population. "We want YOU to do it this way, but I get to do what I want." I would ask you what Rosa has done for the people, but I would get the same old liberal dribble. Qualified? I thought American politics were developed to get the common man into the thick of things? Right? I get it, not qualified?

7) You endlessly campaign against Linda McMahan on Facebook, but sell an advertisement on your blog to her campaign. What happened not enough money in the non-profit sector for you?

8) You verbally claim you love a certain politician, but tell folks: "I can't put up their sign because people might get angry with me."

9) You truly believe you are better than everybody or entitled to things that don't belong to you.

10) You love to point fingers at corporate types, but when that person is a personal friend of yours all your personal feelings are put aside. "Well, it's 'ok' if the Democrat is doing it, but if it's a GOP member I should stomp and scream like a child who doesn't get his way."

11) You are a member of MADD, but stood up and clapped when Dominique Thornton arrived at the Democratic Town Committee Meeting after her arrest for drunk driving.

12) You put up a lawn sign that tells folks to "Vote for Jim O'Rourke," but privately tell your family members to decline any ride offers from the state rep.


  1. This is the funniest article I have seen from you guys, I wish I understood all the references. It is true though, some of those lefty types act "common manish",but have their hands out.. Good 4 you insider.

    Steven Silvestro

  2. Number 11 is very true! Not good! I was there.. I wonder if the liberals care about right and wrong.. Do some research about the former Mayor.. It was a packed house at the DTC after Dee was arrested, I can honestly say I didn't stand up.

  3. Didn't Jim O'Rourke get sued? Whatever happened with that?


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