Friday, November 09, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Disappointing Loss for Middletown, Bartolomeo's Track Record Raising Taxes

     Very disappointing loss for Senator Suzio who has been looking out for the voters of the 13th district since he was elected 21 months ago.
    He lead the fight against wasteful spending in Hartford including the Busway in New Britain which cost $573 million dollars and Jackson Lab cost $291 million dollars to tax payers. Not counting the millions spent to keep companies in state.
     My hope is that Mrs. Bartolomeo will continue to look out for the taxpayers of the 13th District. But her record of voting to raise taxes in Meriden during her short time on the council doesn't make me feel any better.

     Thank you Len Suzio for your service for the people in Middletown, Middlefield, Meriden, and Cheshire.

William Wilson,
Vice Chair of the Middletown Republican Town Committee


  1. What a shame to have lost such a valuable, trustworthy representative. So many good candidates went down in the recent electoral debacle. It is hard to fathom the depths to which the voters in Connecticut have sunk while heeding the irresistible siren call: FREE STUFF FREE STUFF FREE STUFF!

  2. The results of the election were VERY dissapointing, to say the least
    I think the Dems all ran very smart campaigns. They focused on being in the corner of the middle class. we all know the only interest they have in the middle class is to tax whatever money or property we have. Obviously, we have become a sosiety dependant on others to servive. The dems have been building this for years, now its paying off for them. I'm not sure if fiscal thinking will ever work for the republicans, being that most of our population now depends on these handouts, in one form or another.

  3. The real reason republicans lost is because they really believe that anyone democratic wants welfare.

    So much time attacking democratic beliefs an people could have been better spent trying to understand why the democratic voter - votes the way they do.

    The demographics of this area are that people- are more likely to be a democrat- even our republicans tend to be moderate-

    While the gas tax is an important issue-any of us feel like its beating a dead drum.

    Many democrats are highly educated and make decisions because we have consciously thought out what we believe and yet comments like the one above - portray dems to all be ignorant welfare lazy people looking for handouts-

    You miss the truth so far- that you turn off moderate dems that would vote for moderate republicans-

    Did any of our local republicans speak out against Aiken?

    If you want to win an election in a democratic region- stop basing them- stop mis labeling them- and find common ground and interests.

    There were many dems- unions - and independents that would NOT have voted for Murphy- had you had someone not like McMahon run against him- many many voted "the lesser of two evils"

    Instead of clinging to what you thing is so "right" open your eyes and ears and listen to the needs of your public.

    Many of us are willing to pay higher taxes (the referendums passed) to be good citizens - I loveto talk to a politician on either side- and point out what the people are thinking about them- and what their needs are for representation.

    Start by becoming unaffiliated with horrible comic posts that demean people we care about-

    Yeah I know- the dems have horrible satirists also- but two wrongs don't make a right- and a republican isn't going to gain any liberal vote with those horrible drawings you post here-

    Especially old news- oldsters and old superintendents have moved on- let them and their families live in peace-

    Hanging on to old grudges makes your team look immature - spiteful- and not ready to move forward.

    I'm sorry to those who lost- you had some good candidates- I hope a few of them run again-

    But I hope they learn from this election- that you won't get dem votes if you don't speak against thing like Aiken- and are unable to let go of past hurts.

    Stealing from the folks from Wilson- its time to play together in the sandbox- our town- our state- our nations future is at stake.

  4. Dear Anon- Democrats won't find common ground with Republicans- they are the majority- on our own council they don't give the minority the time of day let alone give them memos or vital information.

    This blog never covered Aiken or crazy far right folks- by omission they don't support them-

  5. Frechette moving on? Live in peace? HE IS STILL ON THE BOE PAY ROLL AT $300 AN HOUR HE IS NOT GONE GET A CLUE!!

  6. To anonymous 9:44am

    Not sure why that matter in Middletown or in the local elections since that was not an issue here. Now on a personal note I spoke out on Aiken stupidity and ignorance he displayed.

    Now onto local issues like higher taxes and wasteful spending. People voted for more free stuff that others will end up paying for. If you think raising taxes once again won't hurt the economy, just wait and see what happens when taxes are raised again because spending is out of whack.

    Enjoy being the next Greece or Spain if we continue down this road. Maybe we need to hit rock bottom for people to finally wake up and smell what the government is doing to us, the taxpayers.

  7. Well there we go- and that's why no one voted republican- "get a clue" ? I know exactly how much he settled for. Whether or not I agree- has nothing with how many clues I have- keep ignoring what people are trying to tell you- and you'll keep loosing-

    Omission is not supporting them? Really? Maybe speaking out against them would have stopped the terror women feel voting for those in your party- because they don't speak out against the extremist-

    You know the old saying/ if you don't speak out against something wrong- you are part of it- especially if you are wearing jackets from the same team.
    Seems to me- I'm
    Not the one who needs to get a clue.

  8. "This blog never covered Aiken or crazy far right folks- by omission they don't support them- "

    That's is not good enough and an excuse.

    This blog did cover other national republican positions that was strongly debated buy another blogger on the Middletown Patch.

    It was said before in another comment. If you wanted to get votes you would condemn.. not ignore the national republicans absurdities.

    Do that and you would win votes.

  9. Let's be honest we get votes just not enough as the republicans are out numbered by some 3 1/2 to 1. That is a big part of the reason why republicans have a tough time getting elected.
    By the way look at the name of the site. The Middletown Insider. That means most talk is about Middletown and things that affect Middletown residents.


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