Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Humorous Look at l'affaire Petraeus

Cindy Adams has a hilarious column in the New York Post (Nov 15) titled; "In General, They Tend to Stray" which skewers the sexual foibles and faux pas of top brass over the years. Some examples:

   George Washington - "Seems to go with the rank. Gen. George Washington was a swinger. Also our only chief of state not to blame the previous administration for his troubles. George was famous for using those wooden teeth — and not just on Martha’s tea biscuits. Asked about powerful interests that control him, he snapped: “Leave my wife out of this.”
Dwight Eisenhower - " When he had it with Mamie’s bangs he steered his wartime driver."
George S. Patton - " Biographies state Gen. George S. Patton was a busy boy. 
Douglas MacArthur - "Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s lover was a millionaire socialite named Louise Cromwell."
David Petraeus - "So back to Gen. Petraeus, whose own home is now what can be called the mess hall...His ladyfriend hints he’a so hot she’d give him a fifth star...(and best of all)..."Welcome to retirement, Dave. It’s that part of life where you have half as much glory and twice as much marriage.

NY Post Nov 15, 2012

Also, G. Murphy Donovan writing at American Thinker:

"General David Petraeus illuminates two grand military issues at just the right moment: officer corps character and flag officer performance Petraeus could be the poster child for a clueless Gilbert and Sullivan character too -- "The very model of a modern major-general."* Major-general was the highest rank to which an officer might aspire to in the last century. Grade inflation has created the contemporary glut of four stars, including Petraeus."
"David Petraeus gloried in wearing every token of service on his chest, including presumably the good conduct ribbon. Or maybe not! The good conduct medal only goes to grunts, not officers.  Clearly, the good conduct award should hereafter be a badge of misplaced military expectations.

*Modern Major General

Gilbert and Sullivan's raucous operatic tale, "The Pirates of Penzance",  is captured in all its fun and glory in this production, recorded live at Central Park's Delacorte Theater. Featured is the amazing "patter" song; "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General"

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  1. Petraeus was head of Intelligence and he wasn't smart enough to keep two women from finding out about each other? Isn't that what brought the whole business out? And one of the women, his biographer, I believe, was obviously playing him from the get-go for the money she could get from intimate access to him, by getting him to recommend her as cultural attache or something to South Korea, so she could pocket a cool 80 mil. So he wasn't a good judge of female character either. If you've never seen "Sabrina," starring Audre Hepburn, Bogie, and Wm. Holden, see it. Sabrina showed how a woman of character behaved. This Petraeus business is simply a symptom of where I knew the sexual revolution was headed: to women selling their wares, not the old fashioned way, through marriage, but in the oldest professional way. And I don't think it's funny. The military was our most highly esteemed institution.

    As for the Cindy Adams piece, I hope nobody took it seriously. She's slandering dead men - they can't respond. George Washington loved to dance; she plays on that, to suggest that he was a swinger.

    Eisenhower was rumored to have been jazzing his driver, and she claimed he was in a book she wrote, but couldn't substantiate anything, and Ike early on suspected her of being the very kind of gal that Petraeus let himself get mixed up with. And I don't see how Ike could have gotten away with being alone with her in a room, tent, foxhole, whatever, given the fact that as allied commander he led the most public life of any man on earth. In fact he didn't want a woman driver, as it kept him from visiting dangerous front line positions, but the Brits couldn't spare him a man.

    Patton did indeed make the scene on one occasion with his neice, and it didn't turn out well for her. After George's death his widow met privately with the niece and cursed her in language right out of the Old Testament. After she left, the niece stuck her head in the oven and ended her life.

    MacArthur was quite the ladies' man at West Point, and was deathly afraid that his mother would find out about his amours. For sure he never cheated on his wife, who refused to take their young son and leave Corregidor without her husband, and he refused to leave when ordered by Chief of Staff Marshal: it took a direct order by the President to get him, along with his wife and child, onto the submarine.


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