Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thank you First Responders

The Insider staff would like to first thank you first responders, dispatchers, fire, ems, police & linemen!!!  Thank God for brave people who go above and beyond and do the hardest jobs around. Thank you to all who helped keep us safe, right down to the man at the hardware store who stayed late to sell plywood or the woman at the gas station who stayed open late so the last person could fill up.  Our hearts go out to the people who lost loved ones, and the family of the firefighter lost in Easton.


  1. its easton not east haven. get it right

  2. ANON:

    What a crock! If you don't like the site then don't read it. Do you call ABC/NBC/CBS whenever they get a fact wrong? No, I bet you don't.. Typical..

  3. you should thank Mayor Drew also you know. He did a fine job piloting the City of Middletown through this event !

  4. Mayor Drew???? His over inflated ego needs no thanking for doing the job he is PAID to do and does poorly. He enacted a curfew big whoop. Comparing this to what happened last year or what happened in other parts of the state is ridiculous. Can't wait for him to use this as part of his campaign next go round as some heroic feat.

  5. Listen the Mayor did fine as did the governor. I agree with neither of them politically, but both did a good job.

    It was nice to see the mayor at his office for more than a few hours a day like usual.


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