Monday, October 29, 2012

Middletown High School Shelter Open!

From Councilwoman Kleckowksi:

Shelter will open at noon-Middletown High School on Newfield Street. This is a pet friendly shelter. Pets should be crated. If you need to go to the shelter be sure to bring all your medications and your own pillow and blanket (there are pillows and blankets if you forget). For more information call 211. Thank you to all volunteer members of Emergency Management. Be safe!!! We are in good hands..Emergency Operation Center is up and running. All Emergency Personnel are on stand-by ready to ensure our safety. Thank you to all who are working to keep us safe!!!


  1. I for one will be glad when election season is over. Tired of all the candidates for office jumping on anything that will put their name and face out there.

    The mayor announced the shelter opening on Saturday, was it really necessary for a candidate for state legislaature or a council member to do it too?

    Election Day can't come fast enough.

  2. If the candidate and current councilwoman were a Democrat, you would be jumping for joy about the press release. Let's get real!

    Last night Roas DeLauro made a fool out of herself at the DeStefano press conference by basically saying the same old thing to the people after the New Haven Mayor, Fire Chief and Electrical Company gave their speil. Was that needed? No, I think not, but I don't see you complaining much about that? Maybe you are the problem.


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