Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Have You Seen this Middletown Public Servant?

     Sources have told the Insider staff that Democratic Deputy Registrar Voters Lisa Santangelo, and  Democratic Registrar Sandra Faraci , accompanied by personnel from the Common Council clerk's office have on multiple occasions been closing the doors at the Registrars' office during business hours and locking out their Republican counterparts.More disturbing is that by doing so they are locking out the public as well. By state law, the office is to remain open so that citizens may register to vote. Any variation of this practice must follow guidelines set forth by the State Elections Enforcement Commission which determines cases of voter suppression and other violations. Both parties have representatives appointed to the registrar to over see elections are run fairly. The Common Council Clerk office has no official business with the Office of Registrar.
     Sources report that the Mayor's appointed Administrative Assistant Joseph Samolis, has advised City Hall staff to go against City Charter rules which title him "Administrative Assistant," and address him as "Chief of Staff." Not a huge deal? Well we all know where changing "job titles" has gotten us in the past when it comes time to determine salary!    Across town, the Board of Education Administration has permanently hired Josh Berger, son-in-law of Councilwoman Hope Kasper as an Business Administrator after she played a key role in selecting candidates for that position. Berger , who has a work history primarily in real estate, did not rank in the top 10 qualified candidates. He, unlike any other BOE administrator will have a benefits package normally reserved only for teachers. 

More back ground on this and other nepotism here  
     Meanwhile, stacks of papers are piled high on the Mayor's desk as he spends most of his days campaigning  for Democrats running for state offices, posing for photo ops at various events, mainly as part of the campaigning however, in Hartford lobbying, or and doing who knows what.... Drew can be found at work tops 2-3 days a week. The State Democratic Committee and Malloy machine pulled out all the stops to get Drew elected- spending almost $100,000.00.  With no doubt the help of Malloy's crew who wanted to desperately to put another Democratic mayor in a major CT city, Drew received more out of town donations from big Dem donors from around Connecticut such as the Young Democrats, the Working Families political action organization, and labor unions.
      It appears now, Drew has to return the favor to his creators at the expense of the public; Little Dano is obligated to Big Dan to reciprocate the favors, thus taking time away from his duties at City Hall.
     As of late, aside from a few Council meetings, Drew has not been pulling too many late night committee meetings either. Working from home? If the public is not allowed to contact this public servant at home or on the road, then we don't buy it and neither should tax payers! Mayor Drew  receives the full $87K tax payer funded salary no matter how often he chooses to grace City Hall with his presence.

* UPDATE! Your tax dollars at work: Since the initial posting of this piece, the Insider found Drew! Today the Mess published a article that has Candidate for State Rep. Paul Doyle and Matt Lesser cruising down the River in canoes yesterday during work hours with non other than Dan Drew- The event complete with reporter along was under the guise of "helping" DEEP Commissioner Esty check out the biological foray, but appears more like blatant campaigning to us- Wonder why no other representatives or candidates were invited?
Stay tuned for the Deputy chief Position Vote Tuesday- read background here


  1. I will see the other guy was there a lot!

  2. Why is the Board of Education bringing back retired Gail Pillarella? And allowing her to double dip by paying her when she is collecting her city pension?

  3. I am not paying this dork to canoe around with Matt! God help us

  4. To anon 5:32 - ie because her husband was a good Democrat who paid the piper-

  5. http://www.middletowninsider.com/2012/09/letter-to-editor-haunting-past-of.html

  6. At least the Republicans have a sense of humor .. The DEMS are power hungry and mean and nasty; perhaps that is why half of their members were tossed out of the DTC? Can you say purge? I wonder who really supplies info to this site. -Wink- Wink-

    keep up the good work AM, AT, and JM.

  7. Hopefully these clowns will be "up the creek, without a paddle" after the nextelection.

  8. Dear ANON;

    Unfortunately for sensible people with common sense, this state is full of DEMs who see the world with their hands out. We have criminals being released early, a rapist who sexually assaulted a mute girl let loose because the courts said she should have bit her attacker (??), gas taxes out of control, small business under assault. Too much for Connecticut right? Wrong, this is a BLUE STATE in which the DEMS can never do wrong; the run the show, but when things go to sh@t, it's point the finger time..

    -Small Business Owner in Middletown-

  9. We really shouldn't complain that the guy is never around. First of all, he's a disaster, just like the one before him, so the less he is around, the better off we all are. Second, let him kiss some state tush because the more he does, the better chance there is that next year at this time he will have another job lined up and will be a 1 term wonder.

    Are there any half way decent candidates waiting in the wings who can make decisions based on what's best for the taxpayers?

  10. It's hard to make a decision this early on about the Drew administration, it's only been a year, but there has been a lot of questionable or unethical things that have happend since 2011.

    1) The Democrat Purge- essentially pushing out Democrats who didn't get along with Somalis and Drew's unethical behaviors with regard to the registrar of voters last year. Loyal people like Anne Tomassi were treated unfairly for upholding state law during the elections.
    2) Trips to China- Let's put this under the microscope for a second, are we, as citizens really supposed to believe Mayor Drew visited China to bring business to CT? Come on it's another sham, and the Mayor has yet to comply to Councilwoman Salafia's request to show budgets and other official documents about this strange trip. It was later revealed that the Mayor applied to go on the trip to buddy up with Governor Malloy.
    3) Lisa Santangelo- "The number one volunteer in Middletown," as she was referred to numerous times by her husband Deputy Mayor Robert Santangelo, is anything of the sort. The Insider's many sources (a lot more than one can imagine) paint LS to be a megalomanic who sticks her nose in every department and has had (of this writing) 2 formal complaints made against her which were filed in the town's human resources department. Lisa has also been seen fighting in the hallways with other city officials and workers using such phrases as: "Do you know who I am?" and "I know the mayor and he owes me."

    Thanks for Writing

  11. This mayor is toast come election time, what he needs is a dose of reality. Move back to Milford already. Middletown needs a Middletown insider...a real one, as mayor!


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