Sunday, September 30, 2012

John Ratzenberger's Meriden Trip in Pictures

Meriden-   On September 29, 2012 acclaimed film and television actor, John Razenberger, known to most folks at the know-it-all postman on NBC’s long running hit program Cheers, appeared at a rally at Meriden’s Four Points Hotel in order to support State Senator Len Suzio who is running for his second term in the General Assembly.  Ratzenberger, a Bridgeport native, is a huge supporter of keeping manufacturers in America and currently hosts a program on the Travel Channel entitled John Ratzenberger’s Made in America, a show that features segments on businesses such as Zippo, Jack Daniels, Louisville Slugger, Gatorade and others notable companies that maintain factories and employees in America.   During his brief speech in front of nearly 200 fans, Ratzenberger stressed the importance of keeping business in “America and for Americans.”  He also praised Suzio’s efforts in his attempts to keep a cap on Connecticut’s gas tax as well as his work with regard to repealing Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s Early Release for Violent Offenders Law suspended.

GOP State Chair Jerry Labriola, John Ratzenberger and State Sen. Suzio
Ratzenberger, Newman & Suzio

Ratzenbeger flanked by GOP officials including former Mayor Seb Guiliano and MRTC Vice Chairman W. Wilson

Suzio, Ratzenberger and friends

Ratzenberger, Wilson and Suzio


  1. That is so cool, JR's show is a positive example of how famous Americans can help the real working men and women of America; it's not like he's George Clooney having these ridiculous $100,000 a plate dinners. Good for you John, Len and the rest!!


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