Saturday, August 04, 2012

Ain't it funny Mr. Phipps : Lessons in Tolerance

 Facebook Message from  Treasurer and DBD Chair Quentin Phipps, click to enlarge
Here at the Insider, we get some pretty interesting mail. We always welcome tips, story ideas, and the chance to make new friends. We try out best to investigate tips we get, and if asked, keep those sending us messages about topics they want investigated anonymous if possible. We love the arts, we love volunteerism,  we love community, we love people keeping their jobs to make money to do with what they wish. The Insider supports local businesses and believes in capitalism; but ain't it funny that the new chair of the Downtown Business District and City Treasurer Quentin Phipps would ask us for help via facebook advertising and spreading the word about the latest DBD organized Cash Mob Events, but does NOT want to  be our friend on facebook? At first, we said sure, after all we love local businesses and are eager to  help, but then we thought about it- isn't this message like asking for a favor similar to  asking a girl to a prom and then asking her to wear a bag over her head because you are afraid to be seen with her??? Ain't it odd that a Mr. Phipps, would pledge bi-partisan cooperation and a bridging of the divide between tho those who lean a little left and those who might lean a little right in Middletown, and certainly want to promote ALL businesses, groups, organizations etc. but then NOT want to publicly associate with the Insider after soliciting this blog's help and support for his group's endeavor? DBD Chairman & City Treasurer Phipps campaigned as an open-minded progressive thinking Democrat but only will acknowledge the help given by those who share his political beliefs apparently- Hey Mr. Phipps! You give "Big Ups" on your Twitter account to various local groups and businesses who do good- here is a BIG DOWNS from us at the Insider for not practicing what you preach- TOLERANCE. And we just wanted to be friends.


  1. I knew there was a reason to like Mr. Phipps!

  2. problem is... if you happen to disagree with something the insider says you lose the insiders friendship. Hypocritical aren't we at the insider.


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