Monday, July 09, 2012

Stolen From Face Book Files: Part 1

Unlike other local blogs that have hidden agendas and refuse to acknowledge what their local friends are doing in office, this blog is not afraid to have a different view at times.
Although the message in the jpeg does not represent all of the reporters and editors of the Insider, we thought it would fun to post something we saw on Facebook and take a really good look at it.  We look forward to fair discussion points with regard to the matter.


  1. The piece speaks for itself: Logical, interesting, and steadfast.. Although if you are a person with views very much on the left I am sure it's hateful or racist. Have to protect my illegal workers that tend to my winery in California.

  2. The piece speaks for itself: Logical, interesting, and steadfast.. Although if you are a person with views very much on the left I am sure it's hateful or racist. Have to protect my illegal workers that tend to my winery in California.

  3. As founder of one of those other newsblogs, The Middletown Eye, I find this post offensive, xenopobic, laughable and wrongheaded. And I truly hope it doesn't reflect all of what the "authors" of the blog truly feel.

    Imagine what Middletown might be if the borders of our country had been closed two hundred years ago.

    Imagine the plight of women and non-whites if we adhered blindly to a Constitution and Bill of Rights written a few centuries ago.

    Imagine closing ER doors on a ten-year old with a broken leg because she is a non-citizen.

    Is this really the world you want to live in?

    I normall enjoy reading the Insider, and only the "authors" had the courage to use their own names when posting. It might prevent unfortunate posts like this one.

    My name is Ed McKeon. What's yours?

  4. I am all for keeping the borders open so long new immigrants get legal like my ancestors did- and pay taxes just like the rest of us-

  5. I thought the Eye's writers had ghost names for about 3 years.

  6. WOW! I guess MEye is telling us what we should and should not post or post only certain things. Mmm, imagine if somebody did that to their site??? Can you say 1st Amendment Violations... ?? Of course..

  7. Anon8:17

    MEye isn't telling you anything. I believe you have the right to post anything, as stupid as it may be. Nobody believes in first amendment rights more than me. But I also believe in transparency, which means signing your posts with your real name.

    Mine is Ed McKeon. What's yours?

    And, BTW, Anon 7:51, while some posters used nom de plume, I never did. And most poster now use real names.

    Mine is Ed McKeon. What's yours?

  8. Isn't it hypocritical for the Eye's Ed Mckeon to call for the end to anonymity? This is the same guy who was calling to have the names on McMouth's petition kept secret last summer. And the same guy who claims to be transparent but hasn't released the terms of the new superintendents contract.

  9. Yep, close the borders to those who attempt to enter illegally simply to be in America, not to be Americans. There are plenty of people waiting in line to become Americans and we are happy to accomodate them!

    The U.S. Constitution, the oldest written constitution in the world, was formally adopted exactly 224 years ago not "a few centuries ago". That document has stood us in good stead all those years and has proved flexible enough to allow for such changes as universal suffrage and abolition of slavery. The amendment process was deliberately designed to allow some change but was not to be accomplished without due deliberation and thereafter had to be approved by three fourths of the states.

    No one in dire need of medical attention is turned away from our emergency rooms today and will not be turned away in the future. We are not that sort of people. Our hospitals are overwhelmed by illegals using the ER for every day ailments causing true emergency care to be delayed.

  10. As a resident of Middletown I am still waiting on the BOE to show a line item budget for the taxpayers to see. I remember the promise of of a more transparent BOE and so far that is not what we are getting.

    We as a country need a balanced budget and to close our debt so future generation don't have to foot the bill for our spending habits.

    The country spends over a $100 billion a year on illegals. Why should that continue.

  11. Release the names!!! Release the names!! Yeah, okay buddy. Middletown, the town of retribution and kick backs. I don't blame those folks for not releasing their names, rich liberals can do what they want or hide under the guise of "do what I say, not what I do",but come on get real. Nobody in town or at town hall needs to lose their job especially on this blog which seems to have "Insider" pasted all over it.

  12. Anon 6:44

    Isn't it hypocritical for someone to criticize keeping secrets when one signs his/her post "anonymous."

    My name's Ed McKeon what's yours?

    And John (thanks for posting your name), my criticism is not of the Constitution but of a post which uses the Constitution and Bill of Rights (exclusive of amendments), as the complete wisdom for ruling the country.


  13. Ed,

    The entire Eye was secret for years and years. Yeah a few people knew who the nicknames represented, but the entire Middletown Community.. NOPE! OF course when a member of the left hides their names with cute monikers it's fun and the hip thing to do, but when it comes from a less popular conservative place- it's evil and worse the "R" word.. Stop it I like my job!


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