Thursday, July 12, 2012

George Romney: Civil Rights Activist

I know what you are saying, just because George Romney marched for Civil Rights doesn't mean that Republicans still aren't racists.  Hell, that Lincoln guy just freed the slaves right before the election in order to get a second term.. No passion at all!  Remember how the left disregarded Herman Cain and threw him to the wind because of sexual harassment charges?  It was okay when Bill Clinton and JFK had many different woman and allegations against them (Democrat), but when an African American non-Democrat candidate for President of the United States has unsubstantiated allegations him he is quickly labeled and eventually forced off the ticket.  Gee, what's racist now?

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  1. Did you notice how those "unsubstantiated allegations" disappeared once the vermin had forced Herman Cain out of contention. My bet; totally orchestrated out of Chicagoland! Most importantly, Herman Cain has not been silenced and continues to play an important role in our political discourse.


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