Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Letter to the Editor: A Call for Action to Middletown Citizens!


Can you please post on your blog, e-mail,. etc to have Middletown taxpayers call or e-mail the mayors office to protest the 3.5% property tax increase?
Please Email the mayor ask why he raised taxes when he said he would not
He needs to lower the mill rate below what is was last year!

T. M.


  1. But wasn't it the republicans on the council who tried to raise the taxes, i actually watched the meeting.

  2. We were watching the same meeting??? Are you kidding? Republican Councilwomen Salafia and Kleckowski were the only 2 votes against the tax increase!!!!!!! No really the Democrats raised your taxes and don't forget it!

  3. But the girls plus to two ex-cops wanted the taxes to even be higher, if the republicans got their way it would be a total of 1 mill increase, not to mention all the other increases they voted for that night. The republicans are just the "B" team. IF you dont believe me post the tape of the meeting

  4. The Republicans drafted their own budget that called for no tax increase. We previously published portions of it. Scroll back to our April May entries. A pdf can be emailed to you.

  5. Kleckowski ans Salafia voted against the proposed Drew Budget. Its even in the minutes on the City website, and surprisingly enough even the Middletown Mess noted this correctly. Pessina and Bibisi voted to adopt the Mayor's budget a the last minute despite having written a more responsible one for whatever reason. There is no Web version of the video because the City/Comcast frankly chooses not to put them online, otherwise we would gladly link to proove how BACKWARDS you have got things. You cannot rewrite history. The Serracrats raised your taxes.

  6. http://www.cityofmiddletown.com/content/117/123/177/594.aspx

    CITY 2011 mill 26.10 2012 mill 26.9 3% higher
    FIRE 2011 mill 5.50 2012 mill 5.8 5.5% higher
    TOTAL 2011 mill 31.6 2012 mill 32.7 3.5% HIGHER

    From the Tax Man

  7. Good for you INSIDER!! Back your story up with facts and data!! Don't worry though, I"m sure the other sides will find some sort of argument to shoot it down..


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