Thursday, April 19, 2012

Young Dems & Young GOP Come Together for NEAT Pride Day!

NEAT North End Artist Cooperative has invited both  both Young Democrats & Young Republicans to Neighborhood Pride Day!!!! Come support Middletown and GO BIPARTISANSHIP LOVE!

Monumental Occasion & FIRST for BOTH groups to be invited by any group for any event EVER which the 
Insider thinks its pretty neat!

The Insider has tears in our eyes!  An invite goes along way in our book! GO Izzy!

Hear ye hear ye! Come out and play! Young D's, Young R's, Greens, Purples, Old D's, Old R's, Middle Age D's, Middle Age R's, Marxists, Communists, Totalitarians, Patriots, Ex-Patriots, Liberals, Libertarians, Lovers, Haters, Progressives, Socialists, Undecided, Independent, Working Family, Tea Party.... whoever else we forgot...... 
IT's Neighbordhood Pride Day in Middletown!!

Message from NEAT:

This Saturday April 21, from 9 am -1 pm, we will be celebrating our Pride with cleanup and beautification projects all over the North End.We hope that you have seen information about Pride Day in our emails and our newsletter. We are very excited about this years event. We have some exciting projects planned including breaking ground on two new community gardens!
Breaking Ground at the Ferry Street Garden
Waking up the Erin Street garden
Miller/Bridge street park clean up
Block by block clean up and trash pick up
NEAT will provide the work gloves, water, tools, and trash bags.We are excited to have volunteers from the neighborhood, Macdonough School, Comcast, The Young Dems, and Wesleyan University. We would love to have you join us as well!

Pride Day is about more than Spring cleaning. It is about getting our residents, our local businesses, and friends of the North End outside together working on common goals and building relationships. We love our neighborhood and want to take time to celebrate it.
As a friend of the North End we hope that you will join us on Saturday and spread the word in your organization. We have numerous projects that need volunteers. If you are a business or organization that is located in the North End you can also organize a project at your site. if you would like to sign up to work on a project, or are willing to join in on the project that needs you most you can call the NEAT office at 860-346-4845
Projects include:
Breaking ground at the Alondra Hernandez Memorial Garden
We hope to see you on Saturday!

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