Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mike Clark Is Still Prosecuting John Rowland After All These Years

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Mike Clark Is Still Prosecuting John Rowland After All These Years

Capitol Report picked up an interview on the new Roraback fan club website powered by The Register Citizen today. Mike Clark decided to take shots at Lisa Wilson Foley for having Former Governor Rowland attend an event for her campaign in Waterbury last week. Mike Clark is sorely mistaken if he thinks he is going to gain favor with party faithful by continuing to persecute the very popular former governor he brags about bringing down.

While taking shots at the Wilson Foley campaign what Clark does not realize is Rowland is still a star within many republican circles. By calling attention to his vendetta as the lead investigator back in 2004, we are all reminded that thanks to Mike Clark and his hot tub investigation, we have Dannel Malloy in the governor's mansion. Voters need to ask themselves if Mike Clark did us a favor?

John Rowland served his time. He has one of the highest rated radio shows in Connecticut. He is swarmed by admirers every where he goes. Rowland knows how to do one thing better than any other Connecticut republican, he knows how to WIN! Any candidate should be honored to have the former governor speak on their behalf. He is truly one of the greatest political minds of our time in Connecticut politics.

Mike Clark had best get some new advisors if he thinks trashing John Rowland is going to put him in a better position with the convention delegates or voters. There are too many of us who remember how good things were when Rowland was in office compared to how they are now. Reminding the electorate Clark is directly responsible for Rowland's resignation is not exactly a winning campaign strategy.

John Rowland deserves dignity and respect, for he was one of our best governor's for three terms.




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