Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Blog: The Democrats War Against Women

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That is right, the Democrats have waged war against women this past week.  First you had Democratic strategist and frequent White House visitor Hilary Rosen blast Ann Romney for not working a day in her life.  Now late this week, remember if you want something to go under the radar always release it on a Friday, White House financial records were released.  “Shockingly” there is an imbalance in pay between men staffers and women staffers.First I would like to discuss the Hilary Rosen comments.  I am a very hard-working American.  I work long hard hours to support my growing family.  My wife has chosen to be a stay at home mother.  We do not have the same financial freedom as the Romneys.  However, we do value this particular way to raise a family.  We believe the only way a mother can truly raise and nurture her kids is to be a stay at home mother. 
Please try to tell my wife that raising our son is not work.  Please try to say that to any stay at home mother.  Some women choose to stay home and others choose to go to work.  I respect all working or stay at home mothers.  Raising children is hard work and guess what, there are no breaks.  For a representative of the Democratic party to suggest that stay at home mothers do not work is outrageous.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC) quickly distanced themselves from there once beloved Rosen.  Back pedalling at it’s finest.

So you have probably heard the DNC and Joe Biden saying the Republicans have waged war on women.  The war they are speaking of is contraception.  I love how the DNC really thinks the American public is that stupid.  They are insulting your intelligence.  If you actually read between the lines, Republicans are supporting the religious rights of the individual.  There are many religions that do not support contraception.  So how can the Democrats support the invasion of religious beliefs?  They do not have the constitutional authority to do so, plain and simple.  So the spin the Obama administration and the DNC are giving is they are calling it the War on Women.

Funny thing though, the White House released financial records that show there is an $11,000 difference in median income between male staffers and female staffers.  That is right, “the defenders of women’s rights” have an unequal pay scale.  Of the top 20 earners within the administration only are six women.  If they really did defend women’s rights would it be 10 women in that top earners segment?

Here is the deal.  Joe Biden, Hilary Rosen, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and whoever else does not give two shits about women rights.  What they want to do is spark their core foundation with this rhetoric.  They need to win in November and they are panicking.  Obama’s approval rating is in the high 40′s and no President has been re-elected with those numbers.  Bush was even in the mid 50′s during his re-election in 2004 during an unpopular war.  So what this all boils down to is the DNC thinks women are dumb and will fall for their b.s.  Not going to happen, American women are too smart for your “right out of the Saul Alinsky handbook” games.

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