Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Sign the Petition to Investigate Dubious Political Donations

An invitation from
Joe Markley
Voter-integrity advocate Dominic Rapini has joined with 2WinCT to call for an investigation of suspicious political contributions.  You can read the text of the petition and view facts about the dubious donations below:
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We the cosigners of this petition urge you and your office to consider this request:

In Connecticut and across the country, a pattern is emerging where elderly donors are exhibiting massive numbers of donations in the FEC.GOV database. The data suggests that senior citizens are being targeted in a process that constitutes the elements of identity theft, elder abuse, and most concerning, laundering of money to political candidates and committees.

According to FEC, the average donor donates 1.4 times a year, compared to the donors we have identified who are donating to candidates and committees thousands of times each year for an extended period of time.

The questions we are asking is whether or not these are system issues related to the practice of earmarks/bundles, or are unsuspecting citizens have their donor IDs hijacked for the purpose of funneling outside money to campaigns and political committees? 

2WINCT identified 18 Connecticut Residents who collectively donated 150,896 times for a total of $2,601,914! We respectively ask the office of the Attorney General to conduct investigations to insure the privacy and integrity of these donors and the political donation process. 
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The scope of this issue in Connecticut:
What do identity theft and elder abuse look like?

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